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BackMyBook Link for eBook download of All-Pro is broke

  • Worked a treat.


    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

    Thanks you rock. I will contact her asap

    and it doesn’t work (but as Bella says, replace local host with it will work!

    and I don’t have the All Pro ebook link just yet….

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    The email account I used when I bought the book is now disabled. Can I get the ebook sent to my current email account? I don’t know who to contact about this. Any help would be greatly appericated.

    but when i click the link in the email it sends me to a page saying the item was delivered already and that i need to go to backmybooks site to redownload, but there is no option under my account there to redownload it. its not a big deal really, like i said i got the one file i wanted, but i was hoping to get both.

    …email after doing that and then I was able to download the file. I was able to download both to my iPad.

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    Well whaddya know. That trick works – thanks, Bella!!! Tongue out

    Now if only we could get that for The All-Pro… Undecided

    So my question to the fixed link is what if you want to download both epub and mobi files? I downloaded the one and tried to do the other and it tells me the item was delivered already and to log on to redownload the file, but then when i login on backmybooks i don’t have an option to redownload it. It’s not a big deal if i can’t. Luckily i downloaded the main file i wanted, but i was hoping to get both formats.

    I pre-ordered The Starter last year, and The All-Pro this year. Part of the Making it Right campaign was about giving the e-book to those who pre-ordered The Starter. I never had time to ask for my e-book copy, but I was due one.

    It kind of works out. Except for the fact that the server in the link was wrong.


    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

    I think they had it set to release on Tuesday the 6th, but Scott and A might have told them to release it early. And they just sent the wrong email out.

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    with “” in your address bar, the links will work. But they are for the STARTER and not the ALL-PRO. Scott & A have been contacted about it via Twitter. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.

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    I posted about it already on another thread regarding the ebook…but I’m not sure why I got a link to The Starter ebook when I preordered All-Pro lol. Probably just some confusion on the website’s part and may be why the link isn’t working too.

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    I’d reply to the e-mail, but…

    Meant The Starter, although not sure why I’m getting a copy of The Starter when I ordered the All-Pro. General confusedness on my part.

    Not sure who to report this to since the email from BackMyBook is a no-reply one, but the link starts with “http://localhost:3000/assets/4/” and Localhost:3000 is not a valid website.


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