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back my books just charged me wtf!

  • sorry for not getting back to you sooner i have been with out internet as for whats happend i think there has been a error on my part my sincerest apoligies

    One way or another, you’re out funds.
    I’m sure it was just a glitch as they seem like a good group of guys over there, but I would most definitely continue to try to get what you paid for from them or at least a refund.

    Actually Chadwokie, since you mention it, yes. I ordered The Starter audio book through Back my book a while ago. They took my money and e-maiuled me a link to download the file. When I tried to do so I got a message saying they were experiencing some problems, and could I try again. I tried half a dozen times, just couldn’t make it work. I e-mailed them for assistance but never heard anything. I was going to make more of a fuss at the time, but then about a week later The Starter became the podcast content, and I figured, what the hell, if I download the podcasts I get exactly what I paid for, plus some promos and four minutes of fury, so decided not to sweat it.

    Now I know this wasn’t an entirely isolated case (accepting that your problem and mine are a little different, they both smack of the company’s systems not being all that shipshape) maybe I’ll focus any future purchases on Amazon…

    What have you done today to make you feel proud?

    hey guys not really sure if this is the right place for it but basicly backmybooks (the place i bought the starter and all pro audio books) has just charged me 19.95 and i have no fucking clue why

    i havent even loged there page since i bought the all pro i am very confused i have contacted them and waiting a response but i was wondering if any of you guys have had the same issue?

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