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Baby McButter in Stargate SG-1???

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    would have eaten that thing for dinner!


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    I havent watched season 9 or ten yet, so i googled this beasty.  i found this site if you scroll down to the bottom you will see some short clips of the thing (they call it Fluffy)

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    Just the other day I was rewatching some Stargate SG-1 episodes and I happened to be watching a episode called "Uninvited"

    and there was this mutated creature that reminded me of Baby McButter. The episode sucked but it was watchable because of this.

    The creature was a wild and uncontrollable carnivorous beast that (at least in my mind) looked a lot like Baby McButter. Only without the cowhide

    Now it got me thinking, because this was in the last season of SG-1 and Ancestor has been around forever, is it possible that the writers/producers of the series stole Scott’s idea.

    Maybe he ought to sue them.

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