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  • Alright; I finished reading -1900s style- the rewrite of Nocturnal since the audio is not available yet (Yeah, I’m Mr. Anonymous above). I gotta say I’m sorry to find that many of Pookie’s witticisms ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Missing are two my my favorite lines from the Siglerverse: “It adds up. Gastineau saw Sollar’s killer, Sollar’s killer took out Gastineau to shut him up for good. It’s like math only easier.” and “As Confucius would have said, ‘I am as one already the fuck outta here.'”

    Still looking forward to audio, though. And Pandemic… and Mt Fitzroy… and The Crypt. You’ve got a lot of teases hanging out there, Scott.


    I can’t wait, it is the opus delecti

    Dammit, Scott! You hooked me again! I had already listened to the podcast version of Nocturnal …twice (…so far) and was hoping to listen to the new version. However, I ‘accidentally’ downloaded and read the kindle excerpt of the new book with its new and improved opening sequence. Now I’m hooked again!

    I like the audio versions cause I listen while commuting or doing things around the house. Guess I’ll have to just sit down and read it this time like they used to do in the 1900s.

    Gotta say, though; I’m gonna miss your acting talents.

    🙁 but i love your female voices scott

    Ouch. A good news/bad news answer.

    Your narrations are great so I’m glad you will still be doing some of them. I hope you’ll consider Oliver Wyman for the ones you can’t, he’s one of my other favorites.

    We are working on a NOCTURNAL audiobook. We expect to have that for you by the end of 2013. However, I will probably not be the one reading the book. We’ve had to make a critical business decision that I can’t read everything, because a minute spent recording is a minute spent not writing. I love to do the readings, but my primary jobs in this company are to create new fiction and to host the podcast.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t an audiobook of Nocturnal yet.

    I ask the same question.

    CRRRRREEEAK. i just opened this can of worms. blown the dust off this forum. Now for my question or the equivelent…. is there a way to get my dirty gruby, slightly unwashed hands (figurativly speaking) on an audiobook of nocturnal?

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