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Audiobook UK

  • I’ve only found one copy of Infected in all of dublin and it had pages ripped out of the middle. Found the paperback version on the bottom of some small shelf at the back of chapters. Terrible, just terrible… I was damn near speechless with indignation.

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    But it takes so long to deliver when you need a fix. This still does not answer why the different release dates country to country.

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    ordering from the US site.  I live in the US and often order particular editions only printed in the UK from so it would probably just the same the other way (with a bit of VAT added on).  But with the US dollar being half the worth of the pound you may find it cheaper to purchase from the US Amazon website, even with the tax.  Just a thought.


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    "Who is Number One?", "You, are Number Six!", "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

    i know its not the same as getting it in your hand but at least its giving the man some sales. i think its sucks how we cant get the books ect with ease over here tho. FDO you need ot bitch and bitch good

    Scott go and bitch and your publishers! I can’t buy the Audio books of contagious or infected anywhere in the UK. I have the hardcover but audiobooks so far not seen it anywhere! Any news? or suggestions?

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