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Audiobook issue

  • Sorry that I’m getting back to everyone so late, things got busy around these parts. Anyway, BmB got back to in a very timely manner, fixed things up on a Saturday, and got things rolling again. Special thanks to Tay at BmB for coming to the rescue on the weekend and everyone from DOM for taking an interest when they’re getting into crunch time on the All-Pro. It’s all very much above and beyond and I can’t express how much I appreciated it! Thanks so much for the time, effort and attention.

    All hail the Dark Overlord and GOOOOOOOO KRAKENS!

    Anything audio related in the “Website Bugs/Report a Problem” section of the forum catches my attention immediately.

    IMHO, it’s always a good idea to post in the forums *anytime* you experience issues with any of Dark Øverlørd’s content, regardless of whether that’s audio, print, or tech related. We all keep an eye on the boards, albeit our foci are somewhat different. And, as you mentioned in your post, there’s a fair chance that a member of the Junkie Horde may already have experienced the same situation and know the solution.

    There’s no downside to posting that I can think of. You also get the added advantage that the FDØ *might* kill you in a future story due to your forum activity. You can never tell………..


    Prøducer øf Døøm, Høst øf Tuesday Terrør, Funky Name Brutha, Retired Gutter Brethren & Tangential Tyke

    Hi there,

    Sorry you’re having problems with your audio book download. We use Amazon S3 for all of our file deliveries and its usually pretty reliable, although we have had a few reports of download problems in areas with poor broadband connectivity.

    In any case, I’ll be contacting you via address you left on our contact form to figure out an alternative method to get your audiobook to you.



    Co-Founder, BackMyBook

    Email sent.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to insinuate you guys didn’t care, I meant more like you didn’t have the BMB server farm and tech team in the next room haha.

    I’m not worried at all, this is the kind of service and care that’s kept me listening all these years, I’m glad to finally be a paying customer, you guys deserve it. I’ll post back here if I hear from BmB.

    Again, thank you so much for the time and attention!

    Scott’s totally invested in this side of the business, as am I. Can you send me your confirmation email (to and I’ll look into it for you.

    Also, it wouldn’t surpise me if the BmB boys get back in touch with you soon. They’re pretty responsive.

    Please don’t worry, we’ll get you sorted out!


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Dark Øverlord Media: we løve cøllateral damage.

    Hey fellow junkies,

    Been following our beloved overlord for quite some time now, since high school in fact (and that was quite a while ago), so I figured, now was the time, now was the moment, it’s about damn time I gave this man some money! Couldn’t wait for the next episode of The Starter, so I went over to and happily put down 20 bucks so I could experience the glory of the GFL unabridged. I get the download link in my email, and the excitement is mounting, however, here’s where we hit the snag in this potentially awesome moment. The download stops at 64 MB (disappointing since I was actually going very fast up until this point), so I cancel the download, try again, this time it gets 125 MB, stops. I was using Chrome, so I figured I’d see if it was the browser and tried FireFox and IE, but the error happened there as well.

    Keep in mind, there is no error message, the progress abruptly stops at an arbitrary point, the download speed sinks, and eventually it just says it’s done. While it says it’s done, it’s typically around 600MB short. On multiple attempts with the three different browsers it has stopped at between 6MB and 321MB. I’ve deleted the previous downloads, I’ve hit retry download, I’ve restarted my computer, ran disk clean up, rebooted my modem and router, all to no avail. I know the Great Overlord has nothing to do with this side of the business, but I was wondering if any of my fellow junkies had encountered this before or know of a fix. I sent a message to through their contact page yesterday, but as I’ve yet to hear back I thought I’d put this out there to see if anyone else could help.

    Thanks for your time Ladies and Gents.

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