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Audio sales do NOT count towards NY Times list

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     The NYT *may* have decent reasons for excluding audio CDs/kindle sales. A couple things to consider:

    1. Not all books are available on these formats. They are probably attempting to keep the playing field level by measuring the lowest common denominator.
    2. I have no idea of whether they are counting numbers sold or income earned. If it is money brought in, audio sales would throw things completely out of whack. Kindle prices are too low and CD prices are too high.

    Simply a couple things that occured to me this morning. I’m not saying I agree with their decision, but these could have something to do with the "why."

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      How many changes througout the ages were made because a policy suddenly affects a group of people?  Becomming aware of it is the first step.  Besides, Scott will have more books to try to hit the NYT list too and many of his fan base likes that format.   I only say try becaue of the "good ‘ol boy" mentality publishing has had about authors in the past.



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     …similar to what we did with Colbert. The junkie army has quite a few intelligent people who know how to compose a well reasoned missive. Let us know and we’ll march.

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       I think the NYT and other lists doesn’t yet realize the market share Audio has.  A lot of people tend to think listening to a book doesn’t count as reading it.  LOL.  Are the words different?  I read A LOT.  I love podcast books and Audible becasue I can "read" while driving or at work as my job is pretty monotanous (sp?) at times.  Mostly on days ending in Y.  I also have had a strange affliction even before I was a junkie that after I listen to an audiobook I have to have a paper copy to put in my collection.  I feel like Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory with his copies of Catcher in the Rye.  Maybe they will catch on eventually.


    I’m not real bright, but I’m consistant.

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    update if your a uk junkie you can get the audiobook"><img height="15" width="61" alt="Contagious (Unabridged)" src="


    direct itunes link i just bought this here as i cant wait for the 9th of jan when i get the paperback from


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    All should count (IMHO) They charge money for them no matter the format. I want Audio Cd’s since I must multi-task .More time to listen & well reading makes that impossible.Don’t think the boss would like it. Besides I want to HEAR IT.   To whom do we complain to about this??? I for one would send them a HOT missive. Just tell me where to sent it.                  Don’t Start Nothin’ Won’t Be Nothin’

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    Well as someone of medium eyesight i buy both the audio and the dead tree hardbacks as this gives me the best of both worlds but i do agree that the lists at places like the NYT are absurdly misrepesentative!

    in the uk i beloieve that the guardian and The Times both have seperate lists also but atleas they have a good audiobook coverage in there publications 

    i hope cause of what scott has done and is doing to the industry that it will continue to chnage and evlove and the world of audiobooks is ever gaining popularity due to the best sellers from jk rowling and david hewson amongst others and lest not forget that the davinci code was a break out book on audiobook format and as a result ppl have discovered that you dont have to be vison impaired to listen and enjoy a book in the audio format and infact it actually makes some books better!!!

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     I was surprised you didn’t announce this in the gore line Sigmas episode. So there’s a duplicate thread over in the ‘Ask Scott’ section. Cest la vie.

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    Idea: All who purchase the book in stores gets access to the full audiobook right away in mp3 online.

    Just throwing it out there…

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    I will buy the book too to support Siglerismo.

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    The only reason we want to get it on the list is for Scott. After that does anyone really care what the NYT thinks? It is not as if the NYTs has a lot of credibility any more.

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    When you buy a book regardless of whether its a hard copy or an audio book it should just count as one book sold. The fact that audio books do not count towards the New York Times Bestseller list is absurd.

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    I wonder if kindle counts?

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    I really only want the audio CD version, but I want to help Scott hit the best sellers list…

    Since he is making the push this time around, I’ll pick up both. I’ll just think of it as a thanks for all the free content.

    Though we really should send NY Times a few notes asking them to consider Audiobook sales too.

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    Q: when is a book not a book

     A: when its an audiobook!

    Hard to believe they dont count it, pretty sad.  ‘course those snooty bast-arges dont suprise me anymore.

    Truely a dissapointment. I wonder what their reasoning is!?  afterall, this is a release of a book, that comes in several media flavors, dead tree and CD.  Im sure they probably wouldnt count an E-book either.  they need to get with the 2000’s and lose their 1970’s way of thinking!

    think about this: if i was disabled and could only listen (if i were blind) to the audiobook, that means that when I buy the CD’s my purchase doesnt count against "their" list. That is discriminating against people with disabilities.  Im sure the Americans with Disibilities Act should have something to say about this.

    sad, sad and more sad.


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    Man that sucks! Audio books are on the upswing. They really should combine hardcopy and audio.

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    I’ve had a bunch of Junkies asking if the audio CD set of CONTAGIOUS counts towards the the NY Times Bestseller list, and the answer is no, it does not. Bummer!

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