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Audio quility mvp part 33

  • The great thing about audio books is that you can carry on even when your eyes get sore. Makes it easier to get through them quickly. (That and it being an extremely enjoyable story.)

    Thanks for the fix. It gives me a good excuse to have a second re…listen through.

    Here’s the fix:

    Also, if we’ve fixed the download file, so anyone buying now, or redownloading, will get the corrected version.
    So sorry about that!

    You’re totally right. Not sure what happened, but we’re fixing and will reupload the fix for the audiobook files AND post a link where you can grab it in this thread.

    Also … OH MY … you’re already on Chapter 33? Wow. That’s impressive in two days!

    Around 11-14 minutes there are parts where the narration has got filter effects added to it and the audio seems to switch from ear to ear….

    Okay i admit i am bad at explaing this stuff >_< Basically it doesnt seem right. Has anyone else notice it or is it just me?

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