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Audio programs on airlines

  • isn’t there an FAA ruling about it?? Something about dangerous materials on commercial airlines??
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    A thousand apologies…My brain added an extra letter.
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    Who the hell’s that?

    they have ratings for programs and you can unlock it if you ask the air hostess’s.

    But I’d have to agree with jmantis…if Southwestairline is tossing chicks off the plane for objectionable clothing, I can’t see piss-laden-crime-scenes-being-investigated-by-Homicide-Detectives-who-sport-wood-while-dreaming-of-murders really catching on.

    Sadly enough.
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    Ya, knowing ye Americans somebody will object, until our Lord takes over the world you won’t have a likly chance of listening to Sigler while flying.

    Might cause some people to become bloodthirsty beings and kill everyone aboard..

    Scott, have you ever thought about contacting the airlines about adding a couple of your short stories to their in flight audio programs? I normally use my IPOD for a quick “hit” when I am traveling but it would be nice to have a backup if I forget my IPOD.

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