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Audio books

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    It you get your fix via, you don’t get all the talky talk with it if you prefer to listen without…. I think anyways! I like the talking bit just in case he mentions someone I know and I can’t tease them about it 🙂

    I know what you mean about getting addicted though, it’s like a physical loss when you’ve finished a podcast and you’ve got nothing else to listen to. I don’t know about you, but I then find it hard to listen to anyone else’s voice narrating in my ear after listen to the FDO’s voice.
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    Yea going through the pobcasts like a hot knife through … And don’t mind the adverts at all. So why do I want it on audible because it is convenient as i have to hook up to my computer to get pod casts off my phone which just takes to long with all the god damn sinking aghhh . Audible charge me £15 a month for 2 books no matter what the price of them are and thats all I have to buy , happy days + real easy to get on and off my phone. I listen to audio books every day and my iphone memory is all ways full . Thanks for the info just thought I would explain my self , not that you even care lol

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    You can get all of the podcasts via Itunes with an iphone. I have to back the FDO with his justification here.

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    It’s very unlikely that the FDO will put any of his other audiobooks on any time soon. He explains why here.

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    Hi scott have just become very addicted to your podcasts have listened to earthcore infected contagious ancestor and am now in to the gfl series but reall want to buy all your books on audio only have iPhone to download and listen to your amazing books please please can you get all your books on you have infected and contagious there but nothing else I’m a 37y old Carpit fitter from Cornwall England and am loving your books. YOU ARE THE SHIT !!!! 😉

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