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Attempting to spread the sigler goodness

  • oops

    Welcome to the Netherlands, finally i will  not be the only junkie in my country, if only it is for a while. 

    I don’t know why you are coming to the Netherlands, but it is a great country.

    granted we don’t have Scott Sigler here, but I make do with his podcasts and preordered infected.

    Good luck there and maybe we’ll see eachother (lol) 

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    Hey Scott-

    At a  job that is making me feel nuts you  are keeping me sane – wanted to thank you for that. I really appreciate your efforts to bring your particular stank  to the masses. My girlfriend and I will be going to the Netherlands around the time I would get a chance to meet you in person so I misss out this time but I wanted to say I really love your work, have been trying to spread the crack and will be picking up a copy of Infected for my trip….actually will be leaving seattle the day ti comes out so at least I will be flying the skys spreading the infection while I go. I have been diging Nocturnal and have finished listening to Earthcore recently. Can’t wait to own a copy – I actually cried a little at the end – I was really happy that the few that survived did and that oconnel got reuinted in the end – that made me teary….

    I can wait for more – just a little late but still original junkie….

    Hope to be living back in my birthplace the bay area soon….maybe we can pub crall there – sound like we have a similar alcohol tolerence …

    take care man will miss seeing you here


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