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Are you a PUSHER for the FDO?

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    I’m a clandestine pusher. I don’t tell people to embrace the Siglerverse I just drop elements of it it in conversations as metaphors or examples. For the most part they end up entering the collective without even realizing. The few that do realize are so deep in and hooked that they can’t really complain.

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    I was thinking about bringing my 13 y.o. daughter. She’s heard me curse (ex-sailor) so the offensive language won’t bother her. But I don’t want to cause a problem if the after reading drinking time bar doesn’t allow in minors. She’ll be excited to meet a professional author.

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    Cool. I’ll be the tall obnoxious one. As opposed to the short obnoxious one up front reading. Are we going back to Four Peaks Brewry afterwards?

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    I got some friends’ e-mail addresses and sent the ones with Kindles copies of Blood is Red. And I’ve draftedt three others to go with me to his West Coast tour in Tempe, AZ. I want to see Second Hand Books filled with Junkies.

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    I think I became a pusher last night. I was visiting my niece and discovered that we had similar taste in reading (got into a long discussion about Ender’s Game), so I recommended As a poor grad student, the words “It’s Free” got her attention.

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    These plaid tanks, do they happen to be A1 Abrams? Where can I get one of my own?

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    Oh yes!!! I think when you introduce people to Sigler you’re a pusher. When you start supplying them with the drug (buying them the books, ebooks, shirts, etc) you then become a dealer. Either way, you’re important to the cause. Now where did I leave my plaid tank???? 🙂

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    Converting them to Siglerism one at a time… at a time. I always start out with INFECTED and by the time they finish ANCESTOR I hit them in the face with the and how you can listen to most of everything mister Scott has done. I also force the GFL novels onto them like a crazy person. I successfully gotten two people so far I’m working on a third. So I guess I’m a dealer, not that great of a dealer but I’m a dealer one way or another…..what who said that?

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    Whenever I push the Siglerstank I tend to start with Infected since it seems to be the most accessible for most people. The 99 cent ebook deal for Infected and Ancestor helped me convert a bunch of people. I can’t wait till my nephew grows up a little bit so I can push the GFL books on him.

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    Hi Steffie,

    Good stuff on sharing with the family … I am sure you will win over the fiance eventually.

    Most of my family are not fans of reading hence why I need to concentrate on work/school. I started up an American Football club in school and am slowly working on them to get them into the GFL too.

    Really wish Podcast Junk would ship to the UK – as I would love to wear a home Krakens top to the next NFL International Game in the UK.

    Wonder who else among the junkies can be considered for pusher status?

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    Yes, you are a pusher. But that’s ok, so am I. I gave my mom a Nook for christmas and already had alllllllllll sigler ebooks preloaded to it. I didn’t tell her that part, I just let it be a surprise! And I told my sister, brother, step siblings, and all my friends about Siglerism. And I seem to have developed a talent for recommending the right sort of Siglerism….for example I know my mom is not the biggest fan of overly violent material so I recommended the GFL series first since it is less intense than say Infected. But my brother who is a huge fan of the uber violence I recommended Ancestor or Infected right away.

    I am still working on my fiance, he read Ancestor and said he didn’t like it…..but I am telling him that he’s coming with me to Siglerfest in October, and I know he’ll say yes and we will convert him yet dammit!

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    @forcefullsoul: You are made of awesome.

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    Hi fellow Junkies!

    I am a huge fan of the FDO and all his work, and do think of myself as one of the Junkies. As I work as a teacher in a Secondary School in the UK I have been trying to spread the word of the awesomeness that is Siglerism.

    The school library now has multiple copies of The Rookie and The Starter, and when they get Kindles I hope to get all available ebooks for them.

    Since I am Junkie, and I am spreading the word of Siglerism and helping other people become Junkies too … does that make me a Pusher/Dealer rather than just a Junkie?

    I was wondering if other junkies may well fall into that categories too? So people do you think we move from being mere Junkies to Dealers when we successfully spread the Gospel of Siglerism? and if so what have you done that would make you one?

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