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Are the Sklorno THAT old?

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    -which are the sklorno?

    As a race, we’re young… really young…  All sorts of factors can either impede are accelerate technological development.  Scarcity of resources is a prime example… 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    From what i gathered about the Sclorno they are a rather fanatical race. (ie: the whole coach/quaterback to godhood thing) I would imagine that at some point a “leader” arose that either decided to get back to earlier times, or (and this one is more likely) claimed that scientific advancement was blasphemous (look at our own history) and basically stopped their technological evolution.

    or something. maybe a previous culture of sklorno wiped out the rocktopi and after that

    they went the way of the egyptians… After a few millennia a new culture arose that also developed into a space faring

    civilization, and just happened to be really good at football.

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    …for so many weeks it never clicked with me that the Sklorno was the race to whack the Rocktopi. Even thought it was typed in English in the header above. Doough!
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    … the official answer to what race was the enemy of the Roctopi has never be forth coming.

    I was wondering who it was that chased down the Rocktopi. I never got an answer before, now I found it. Maybe the sklorno developed slowly cause the were too busy worshiping quarter backs, or something similar before that.

    i wonder why…………….DOH!!

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    Kind of creepy to contemplate. I don’t know and don’t want to warp my brain too much thinking about it, I just love the player named ‘Denver’.


    it’s science FICTION
    get a clue
    time lines and worlds and space do not always agree
    and who’s to say what lurks in the mind of our overlord, the SEGMEISTER (DAMN HIM)

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    Assumptions…we can only guess the history of an Alien race. Look at the excepted history of our Earth. Over billions of years life has nearly been wiped out six different times. The time periods last for millions of years. Hell, in our planets recent history we have had an Ice Age about every 50,000 years. Look a the technology we have gained since the Industrial Revolution. Just over two hundred years we learned to fly in the oceans, race as fast as sound on the ground, and fly hyper sonic speeds in the air. That’s MACH 5+. If one does not include the unproven tech from illegal aliens from space that might be real, the knowledge gained from Nickolai Tesla, and Henry T. Moray. the tech they came up with was from 100 years ago. Its still 200 years more advanced than what we have publicly today. If an race had 10,000 years and did survive trashing themselves and their planet, they may move slower out of the Respect and Power of the knowledge..

    I’ll throw in my two cents on this.

    The speed of development in an alien society is something of great debate. Depending on the biological constraints of a species the technological development could be extremely slow. I could easily imagine an alien species that doesn’t really draw conclusions (as it isn’t hard wired to find patterns like we are) and tests EVERY SINGLE possibility when doing an experiment. Doing science in such a methodical way would slow a society down. It is possible that the Sklorno are such a species. Who knows.


    Who says they needed FTL technology to dominate another planet? Humans wouldn’t need FTL to attack Mars, for example.


    For The Love of Comics”

    It could be that before FTL they used generation ships that went at a fraction of the speed of light, so everything took forever… but they had the patience to.

    FTL is developed by others and they take it and ‘develop’ it, saying they did it themselves. You never know

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    “2502 Sklorno achieve FTL capability.”
    -Galactic Time Line

    “Yep, the Sklorno wiped out the Rocktopi. Or at least drove them to the bring of extinction. I’ll be tying those things together more in the print versions of EARTHCORE and THE ROOKIE that are coming up in the next couple of years.

    Let me know if you need quotes ‘from the author’ for your project.”
    -Scott responding to an email I sent him

    Oh snap, I done found a plot hole!

    So I’ve been relistening to Infection and Earthcore before the next novel (so i can hold back the withdrawl). While listening to Earthcore, I heard the part where the Rocktopi history is explained. Sigler himself told me via email that the Rocktopi homeworld was destroyed by the Sklorno… Which was about 10,000 (or what ever) years ago.

    So then wouldnt that mean that the Sklorno have been space faring for thousands for year, and would have RELDICULOUSLY advanced technology. It would make fighting them like cavemen vs modern day soldiers. So would the Sklorno dominate everything? Or have I found some hole in the Silgerverse? *Gasps and begs forgiveness*

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