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Are Sklorno females hot?

  • If the males lose their minds with lust everytime they go to a game.


    “Top Gunners gun from the top, mutherfucker!”

    They are only hot if you serve them soon after cooking.

    Unfortunately I am a 165lb weakling and don’t think I’d make the QB cut! – Sorry double reply!!!

    Just become a Tier 1 quarterback with an established Sklorno church in your name! I’m sure they’d be happy to check compatibility!

    Amy Valle Valley of the Hounds 🙂

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Sklorno females are hot?

    Do you think that in some future life I have a chance of hooking up with one?

    Are we compatible physically or biologically?

    And how long do you think I would last before a Sklorno male bounced me to death?

    Oh well I will just have to dream on!

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