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April 9th @ NYC

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    1 year till the next book tour…  maybe less even…  Look at it this way… you plowed into a hearse… if you hadn’t made it, transpo would have been right there! 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

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     Sorry to hear that, glad you’re ok.

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    Dude, we all love the Sigler, but don’t kill yourself to see him!

    I am really sorry you got hurt going to the signing, that seriously sucks, maybe you can get to a con and have Sigler sign your cast 🙁

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    When you say North, what north are you talking about, Northen NY state or up the I95 cooridor? I am in Mystic and have been trying to puzzle out the travel logistics. Trains that come this far north do not run that late. Perhaps we could figure something out if we are in the same area.

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    Looks like I will be there on the 9th, have a few books I am going to need signed. Hope we get a good group going out, cause I want to party with the junkies.

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    I’ll be there, but with a much shorter commute (live in Manhattan).

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    I will be there, but I will either be coming from long island, connecticut, florida or canada, depending on what my schedule is then (confusing no?)

    I most likely will be crashing after on long island, but I know a place that is good to rent from, I just forgot the name. I will try and find it and send the info when I get it

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    So I live about 3 hours north of NYC and I am thinking about making the trek down for the April 9th book signing. I am just wondering who else is going to be there and if ya know of a place close by to stay at. I figured if there is going to be a pub crawl after word’s I really don’t want to drive home.

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