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Anyone watching An American Horror Story?

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    If season 1 is any indication there is a new family in the house now…so the whole season will likely be about the ghosts killing them. I sincerely hope not but admittedly the show started to get a bit repetitive for me toward the end…yes there’s ghosts in the house who want to kill everyone, no we don’t need to introduce another ghost who wants to kill everyone, god how many murderous ghosts do we really need!

    I am hoping though that they can play off the idea that there are two factions of ghosts now. The murderous ghosts who want to add others to their misery, and the ghosts who are intent on protecting the residents of the house from the others. And I am really hoping that we see more of the budding serial killer toddler too.

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    im really just wondering where the hell they can go with the show for a second season. i loved season 1

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    So what did you guys think of the first season? My wife and I loved it even though she said it gave her nightmares.

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    I can’t wait to hear what you think of this weeks episode. It is starting to spiral quickly and I don’t see how they can keep up this pace. I do like seeing the history of deaths in the house but just how many spirits can live in one house?

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    I just noticed it the other day when Supernatural popped up!!! Sadly they dont have episode one so I gotta hunt down a free version elsewhere … I’ll take this as a recommendation from u 2 to watch it!! :o) adding to list of things to do!!

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    though admittedly the story has seemed to stall after the first few episodes. I mean, it was weird and creepy enough to catch me and keep me watching…but can we stop talking about how everyone at the house dies, we get it already lol. Now let’s get on with killing these ones! I haven’t watched this past week’s episode yet, but it is waiting for me on the dvr.

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    I love this show! It’s just sexy enough, creepy enough, and gory enough to really catch me. My wife won’t watch it with me anymore, she says it gives her nightmares (although each week she just happens to be in the tv room while it’s on) . What do you think of it?

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