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Any writers guidelines scott…..

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    a "young Lon Chaney"

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
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    If you want someone to bounce it off of, or offer any editing let me know. 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

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    When writing fan fic that actually places me in the story, the following description is approved:

    "Scott Sigler, who looked like a dead-ringer for a young Brad Pitt, sauntered into the bar and all the bitches went wild."

    You may substitute "a young Tom Selleck" for "a yound Brad Pitt."

    Other than that, fucking have at it. 

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    Give it your best shot and let the Junkies be the judge. God help you

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
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    believe me

    which is why he is seen on line but not seemingly active, reading all his pm’s the comments his email and adding new content and responding when he can

    so he’ll read this and will probably reply

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    Hi Scott….

    as you can see though I qualify as an original junkie time wise I’m still a tech tard like and still need to upload a picture so you can be sure when it come time to punch my card. I’m curious if you have any guidelines about fan fiction or if its a bloodyfree for all.

    Sorry I’ll miss your visit to Seattle but hopefully I’ll run into you when I have moved back to SF……

    Looking forward to Infected and really enjoying all your old work. I’ll be taking MP3s to europe with me when I got to Holland…on the first along with my copy of infected… rushing to bookshop on the way to the airport….

    Hope you actually read this ….. Take care….. ctrying to infect thoes I know,,,


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