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Any Plans To Make Book Available on

  • Hey Junkies,


    For all the British Junkies if you want to get the Audiobook itunes have it for sale now here is the linkage <a"><img height="15" width="61" alt="Contagious (Unabridged)" src="; /></a>



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    I wil always listen to the Podcast first.  Like the rest of us Junkies I love the FDO feedback.  It’s what makes us Junkies as much as the story.  I am a huge fan of Audible as well and will get a copy through there as well  to help Pimp the Man.   If I go back and listen to the storey a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time I like being able to have just the story.  I have gotten in the habit of picking up another copy of Infection, or Earthcore or whatever if I go to a bookstore and they don’t have what I am looking for as well.  It happens quite a bit actually as I tend to look for some pretty vague titles on robotics or programming microcontrollers lol.  I always use their computer to look up Sigler titles and leave it on that when I walk away.  You never know, it might help make a sale or two.   My friends were all like, "A book?  You got me a book?" They don’t read much.  haha.  I have enjoyed Scott’s work FAR more than mosst books that I have purchased in the past and like the idea that I’m helping promote his career so he will have the freedom to keep creating more stories for us.  Not for everyone I know and that’s cool too.  Just how I feel.

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    Good point JCRR. The pre and post episode chatter is just as much a part of the experiance as the story itself. If it was gone I would feel like I was missing something.

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    All of the stores I went to looking for the audiobook didn’t have it so I went ahead and setup an Audible account once I saw it was available there.  I just couldn’t wait until the copy I ordered today will come in.  No big deal since I was playing around with the idea of setting up an account but this pushed me over the edge.

    I’ll still listen to the podcast version too.  I just can’t get enough of these stories.

    Just letting you know, I checked and it’s already on Audible. Same day as the hard cover release.

    For my money… free, I prefer the podcast, just download and burn to CD. Plus as an extra bonus you get SS bull shit before and after.  Ahhhhh sweeeeet!

    (make sure you start with Infected first)

    the Rat

    INFECTED is on the Audible store (and the iTunes store as a full, unabridged download). CONTAGIOUS will be there as well, just don’t know when. is a digital rights minefield…  A lot of free media types really don’t like them that much…  The audio CD is available in stores just like the hard cover.  I would get that instead…

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    The podcast (audio) version of Contagious is being released weekly here (and on iTunes).

    As a over the road truck driver I tend to spend a lot of time behind the wheel and away from home.    As a result I prefer to buy audio books that I can listen to while driving, and I love to buy from    I can download them no matter where my truck is parked, and I can get it instantly.   Are there any plans to make the audio version of Contagious available on eather or Itunes? Thanks for all the great books, Pat

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