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Any junkies in MWO?

  • I should say (because it does sound like I am making a sales pitch here) that I am not trolling for new members for my unit here. I really want to just meet up and play with any junkies playing online, If your interested in joining then by all means check us out, but I wanna see Siglerism spread to the BattleTech universe. You will see me online representing Sigler with my orange and black paint scheme.

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if any Junkies were playing Mechwarrior Online. If you do then feel free to add me (ElSenorDelFuego). I currently am with the Merc group First Robinson Rangers ( and frankly the best way to play is with an organized group. My unit is always looking for new members and we are international. Hope to see you guys on!

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