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Any Junkies going to Comic-Con?

  • Sadly no, i have never been to any con so i am going to my first in august which is Anime Festival Orlando it a samller con so i figure it would give me a step i nthe right directon if i like it i may for balticon and otakon next year. i dont think i could have enough money to fly down for AWA, or dragon which are about a month apart fomr one another so i ruled both of those out this year anyway. but hey if there are any other junkies going to AFO that would be awesome

    A Flying Spoon, and Faithful Servent of The FDO

    It would be nice to go but I would have to drive 2460 miles to get there! Now Dragon*con is only 680 miles away. I’m thinking about making a trip down there! The key word is THINKING, I still have two months to think about that!……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

    I got myself a ticket for Saturday and wondered if any of my fellow junkies will be there?


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