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any gamers out there think about

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    I didnt think about using an assasins creed model fo the game. that open world/free running stuff would be sweet.  And with the random generator I was figuring to use it only for the "troops" every game needs a nice buffer of expendable soldiers to slaughter.  Seeing the same 4 or 5 models would get boring after a while.  Characters like suka, clyde, and possibly even tard, would be completely designed.

    And I wasnt suggesting you, or any of us junkies, would want a re-skinned knock off.  It is just my fear from knowing the game industry’s tactics on "high risk" niche titles.

    to make it seem like i was looking for a cheap skin swap that would just blow.  a rookie football game would have to be fast and brutal so the blitz analogy that was made earlier was spot on.  and a nocturnal game you go in several different directions with,  i like the idea of a bioshock style game but i would really want something that shows off the sheer brutality that the saivors can unleash against the Zeds.  While random Zed generation would be pretty bitch it would take away from the indiviuality(sp?) of each creature.  im thinking something Assassins Creed style.  open world, give the guy some freerunning skills, that coupled with the Saivors already enhanced abilities would make exploring the city fun and make alot of sense givin what we already know about how the saivors opperate.  you start off with basic weaponry,  handguns, knives, the trademark bow and arrow,  and as the game progresses you gain new skills and equipment.  Stalking through the shadows looking for Zeds that have commited murders that you see in the news, and ones that you stumble upon while patroling the city.  of course there would have to be some kind of mission structure and overall story but my jeans get tight just thinking about it  

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    with bone shattering hits, and you can see the bone break and have the blood do whatever it does.


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    I would play a Rookie game but only if it was NEW game designed from the ground up to fit the universe.  Not a reskinned Madden game.  Same thing with a Gears style shooter for Nocturnal.  Although I think a Bioshock style RPG/FPS would fit my taste a bit better.  It would be awesome if they did Nocturnal and came up with a system that randomly generated the apearance and abilities of your enemies to mimmic the wide variety of Zeds in the story.

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    I think the Crypt would be an awesome game, it would have a story

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    how bitchin would it be to turn some of the stuff from various siglerverses into video games,  I would totaly play a football game based on the GFL,  or a Gear of War style game featureing a Saivor….i need some alone time now…

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