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Any "dirty" Junkies out there?

  • we have them out here, we call them mud runs or there’s a series called Tuff Mudda Bucket loads of fun

    But we also do a thing called Running Scared

    heres a youtube link

    I missed it this year but it looks like a head of fun

    Thanks, FDO. It’s that same persistent back issue. Fooey!

    @BigJohn: Health issues? I hope you’re recovering well (and not just so I can see pics of you all muddy like Jason & Co.

    I haven’t done one of those yet – but I’ve been aching to try! I love the idea of those; just now getting back into a semblance of health to do so. Good on ya both!

    @occupy_my_roctopi: Awesome! Looks like you damn dirty Junkies had yourself a time. I’m honored you represented the GFL.

    A couple years ago, my wife told about this “cool new thing” called The Dirty Dash. Basic premise is you run a 5K but with the added aspect of a dozen or more obstacles. I was hooked. We both hate running and even did a half marathon, most boring exercise ever! But these races give us a fun distraction while getting some good exercise. Anyway, long story short. I am curious if any other Junkies partake of these races.

    My wife, who is a junkie via marriage, can recognize the FDO by the sound of his voice thanks to the various podcasts I listen too in the car with her, and thinks I am a total dork for buying swag for an author, also geeks out with me on occasion!

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