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any chance of ancestor getting released in the uk

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I now have every Scott Sigler novel on podcast!! Just need to find the rest of the books in hardcover for my bookshelves and then go back to biting my fingernails in crazy anticipation of more.

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    Ancestor podcast here. Enjoy!


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    So is it true that the Ancestor coming out in June (audiobook and paper back) is a rewrite of the original? I’ve got the paperback on order from Amazon, but….

    If so, i want to get hold of the original and read that first, or listen. Podiobooks appear to have taken down the original ancestor, and to buy it new from Amazon someone wants over £100 to buy here in the UK. Anyone got any suggestions???

    Thanks all,


    I’ve just been on and it looks like I can get contagious and infected, I will have to get others from It’ll take a bit longer but they’ll be worth the wait, more Scott Sigler books in the UK would be brilliant though.

    There’s something to be said about that. The bigger he gets here in the US, the easier it will get to get a copy. The US doesn’t yet look kindly on upstarts like our FDO.

    Too bad for them.

    They’ll be looking at the tanks rolling into Washington and wonder how they could have seen it coming. Innocent

    Yes I know it costs a bit more and it comes via Germany weeks later but it also helps the US sales figures, in particular the NY Times. 

    I ordered and paid for Contagious from Waterstones last year and they’ve still not got it. I gave up and ordered two copies from and used my refund to buy a book about Bill Hicks, so no great loss! I think the official release is in the summer but I could not wait THAT LONG!!!


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    Fear not my fellow UK-er.  If honestly you ahve a problem let me know, I’m down in Oxford and we get all the good Sigler Books.  Mind you NOW we do since he has a publisher here in the UK.  The original Ancestor sold out in just a couple of weeks due to it being a small publsiher in the states, got my copy via MuchAdo as a graduation present.  Hell at the rate of this UK publisher Ancestor may be outbeofre they release Contagious!  Arrgghhhh….

    we need some mega help for over here i keep on going into all the book stores in nottingham and no one has it there only a few sifi book geeks at the shop thats heard of you! World domination can only be achived with the uk on your side well at least thats what bush thought and see how far that got him hahahaha. no but really tho get it over here how we gonna get our sigler stank on over here other wise?

    hey sigler is there any chance ancestor being released in the uk beacuase im finding it hard to get over here i would really like to help you with your plan to take over the world. well the uk anyway.

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