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Another reason Ki make great O-linemen

  • as well as a TE…it is most definitely a bonus to “Know” where your QB is at all times. I know that after playing with the same QB for 7 years( we went to college together, he played his freshman year, then moved on to basketball…go figure), When I was a left Guard, I KNEW when he was gonna scramble, and could roll out with him most of the time. Nothing like taking a broken pass play into a QB bootleg, and putting someone into the ground so he can hit the endzone.

    Now…having said that, in RL football, as a Defensive Lineman, you definitely used that sort of thing to your advantage. If you could push them back, and then get the QB to scramble in the direction you already were going, a la he’s getting blitzed on his right, you’re a D-End, and you wanna go outside contain anyways, it’s like a gift from God himself. Talk about a sack lunch!

    Those who know me, fear me. Those who do not, will come to learn to. Those who cannot, will DIE.

    A good point make you do.

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned elsewhere on here, or it is escaping my memory from the book, but the Ki having eyes all around their head make give them another addition to being great o-linemen. I was a left tackle in high school, and it was always a problem when my QB decided to scramble. He would move to the point where I was no longer between him and the defensive lineman I was blocking. Had I been capable of knowing exactly where my qb was going, I could then block appropriately. The Ki can do this, which compliments Quentin being a mobile quarterback,

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