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Another Cheap Bastard Seduced

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    then show everyone where you get whacked, killed, dismembered,torn apart, and just plain taken out…


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    In this case, I think it’s more like “mortalized”. But it feels pretty awesome 🙂

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    … our Future Dark Overlord and Supreme Commander of All He Says is Friggin’ Awesome…?

    Wonderful and fantastic… isn’t he?

    How does it feel to be immortalized, Junkie???

    Road Captain for the INSERT NAME HERE Bike Club • SciFiGeek2.0 • Artist for the Damned • Linebacker for the Mars Planets


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    That’ll learn ya!

    Take no prisoners. Take no ….non book buyers. The FDø knows all sees all and prolly every once in a while mindfucks all!

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    OK, I admit it. With my financial situation being what it is, I had a hard time justifying the $30+ pricetag for the Starter, especially when my greedy, blackened little heart knew that I would be able to get the audio version for free.

    But then I look at my profile and what do I see? I’m in the damn thing. My namesake is (apparently) the Quarterback for the Neptune Scarlet Fliers.

    Well, fuck. I’d feel like a real asshole to not pony up the dough now. You win this time, FDO!

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