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And now for something completely different!

  • The trawl through the blog from the beginning to the most recent post is worth it – an amazing discovery which throws up all sorts of theories and ideas about what the bunker was used for.

    I have my own ideas, but maybe the FDO has an inkling as to what creatures could have been hiding out there? Perhaps, some offshoot or branch of Marie’s Children? Or possibly, some who hid on a ship because they were being hunted, and woke the next morning to find themselves at sea, sailing to a foreign land – then, in Britain, they were like strangers in a strange land, and had to hide?

    Hmmm… food for thought?

    Does suck you in doesn’t it? I’ve ordered a WWDD T-ShirtSmile

    And damn you. I’ve been reading that thread for like 2 hours now. And watching the videos. How freaking cool would it be to find a 50 yr old WWII bunker in your garden?


    – It’s all fun and games until you lose an eye. Then it’s fun and games you can’t see.

    Greetings my Fellow Junkies!

    Although this has nothing to do with anything “Sigler” Its still quite awesome:

    This is the story of one man, a man who found a German Nazi Bunker in his back garden! This isn’t fake and has been validated by quite a few people and I can quite convincingly say its the most epic thread ever, anywhere, on any forum. You meet characters like Dave (be warned ladies he is quite a guy!), the boulder which starts off as a hinderance actually becomes part of the family, Richard and Pete the glory hunters.

    There is alot ot go through but its worth it for the comedy and how the whole thing comes together.



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