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Ancestor not on NTBSL?

  • i have some thougnts on why this may have happened.

    Ancestor is categorized as Horror while Infected and Contagious were shelved in Thriller. Thrillers, Mysteries, and Romances sell in the summer, Horror, not so much. If this book had been released on October 1st. I’m sure it would have made it up the charts. Fall and winter are Horror seasons.

    “The second sound was a scream”


    I may be wrong, but it doesn’t appear that ANCESTOR made it on the New York Times best seller list top 35. I could have the wrong sales week. This one shows the one with sales week ending 6/26, which i thought would be the one that would include Ancestor. Am i wrong is it the next sale week that it will be eligible for or did it just not make it?

    Toward the bottom in the paragraph right after the top 35 it says sales week ending June 26. I thought maybe since it was only the first 5 days of sale it wouldn’t include it.

    Am i wrong? hope i am.

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