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Ancestor errata

  • You’re technicaly correct Bahead, but even over here alot of people refer to Border collies and Australian Shepards as border collies

    Cattle dogs usually get confused with Kelpies

    So even in Austraila 95%, wouldn’t see the error

    Just finished reading Ancestor. Loved it, but noticed a couple of factual errors.

    The author refers to Mookie first as a “cattle dog”, then as a “border collie”, and finally as an “Australian shepherd”. These are three distinct breeds of herding dogs.

    When the group is preparing to build the cages to hold the ancestors, the author talks about them picking up bags of “concrete”. That should be bags of “cement”. Concrete is the final product that is made from mixing cement, aggregate and water. It’s like saying “bags of cake” rather than “bags of flour”.

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