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Ancestor entry in Siglerpedia

  • That is unfortunate and frustrating for you, but the books are all tied into one universe and characters in one story may show up in another. A spoiler like this is part of the nature of wikis AND part because of the reworkings Scott does before releasing those damn fine hardcovers. But I would say forget it, read those books anyway because the path to that event gets the heart racing at points.

    Did anyone get hit by the spoiler referenced in Contagious when reading the Ancestor page in Siglerpedia? I mean c’mon now…I thought it would be safe to read the Ancestor page after finishing the book but I was not expecting a major event to be disclosed from the ending of a different book. Major effin bummer since I haven’t read Infected and Contagious and trying to rip through them all after finishing Nocturnal and Ancestor the last two weeks. Not nice and at the very least a spoiler alert should have been posted.

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