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Ancestor Early Episodes not full in iTunes

  • @kevinj: Did John’s answer fix you up? Are you all set?

    Most podcasts in iTunes show as 45:00 until they are downloaded, and then the true length is visible.

    I believe Ancestor on iTunes is linked to the Podiobooks listing. At podiobooks, the three interstitial episodes are included, which were done as podcast-only offerings (meaning they are not included in the Ancestor print book). The first of these episodes is only 7:53 long. The next two are about 22-24 minutes, and then I don’t know how long they are from there. It’s very likely, however, that they are NOT 45:00 each.

    Incidentally, Ancestor episode #3 here is the first introduction to Petra Prawatt, from the GFL series.

    Hope that helps.


    I wanted to start listening to Ancestor in iTunes. Anyone else having the problem where the first episode only goes 7 min in then cuts off. The second and third go further but not until the end. It says theyre 45 min in iTunes. Ive heard great things about this book and really want to start it. Any advice?


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