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Ancestor Dream Casting

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    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

     Anyone there?

    The Irishman from Ohio

    Does not htis guy play Ming the Merciless in the Sci-Fi Channels remake sof Flash Gordon?
    The Irishman from Ohio

    very nice, very nice
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    …Last night I was checking out the Wiki on Sigler Godds characters. The art for Magnus and Sarah P. are incredible. I suggest everyone give it a look.
    The Irishman from Ohio

    Mickey Rorke as Clayton Detweiler?
    The Irishman from Ohio

    …Sigler Godd would have to gain like four hundred pounds from beer and steroids to fit in the cow hides. Maybe if he drank two power smoothies a day with a Guinness?

    Sigler should play baby McButters

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    Sigler Godd should play…the doctor who was the last to die in the pig lab. The one that was fire bombs at the beginning of the story.

    They could morph his cute little face into Mcbutter, really a creepy mental picture.

    Thomas Jane would be a great PJ Colding.*I should have thought of that*

    Steve Buscemi, some place in there……sicko evil dude type . a “fun” Rhumkorrf. he is a great actor.

    I wasn’t familiar with Richard Blake and had to look him up on imdb (curiousty was killing me). And he would be perfect as Andy!! Check him out here

    Kevin Nash (with Shaved head) as Magnus

    Will Utay (Days of Our Lives’ Dr. Rolph) as Rhumkorrf

    Thomas Jane (The Punisher) as P. J. Colding

    Powers Boothe as Dante

    Richard Brake (Doom, Batman Begins) as Andy the Asshole

    Just to get the ball rolling …

    Yup…it would have to be a weathered, leathery looking actor…maybe a Kris Kristofferson — they way he looked in Blade

    Yup…it would have to be a weathered, leathery looking actor…maybe a Kris Kristofferson — they way he looked in Blade

    Somehow I can see you as a kick-ass Kayla Myers if you can swing the deep, husky voice…


    I keep envisioning a crochety, Ernest Borgnine-type character with a rich Yooper accent for our beloved Detweiler. Borgnine’s still alive, though I’ve read that he doesn’t like swearing too much.


    I think Leonard Roberts (plays D.L Hawkins on “Heroes”), J. August Richards (played Gunn on “Angel”) or maybe Eric La Salle (Dr. Peter Benton on “ER”)

    Aside from having already played the Beast twenty years ago, remember – He is not the man with whom to fu*k.


    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    I agree…But I did not see your post until I left mind.

    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    I think Brad Pitt would make a good Dante. He can play the corporate manipulator well. Also I do not think he as been ever been SHREDDED&DIGESTED in a role before.
    The Babbista(ms) the animal, WWE wrestler who had a small role on Smallville. I have no idea if he could pass for Canadian. I have no idea if he is good enough actor. BUT he has the age, size, athleticism, and mass for the role.
    My friend/adopted me as a son-,Joe would make a good Clayton Detweiler.

    Peej should be Brad Pitt

    I see Mgnus being played by BATISTA from WWE Wrestling. Exactly who I picture MAGNUS looking like.
    Large, intimidating, and he can act the “bad guy” 🙂 I think he does it every week

    Don’t you know who I am? I’m Magnus Paglione, bitch!

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    Magnus is probably one of the tougher ones to cast because I really want the actor to have the right fortitude in his personality and match physically. Ron Pearlman is a good stab at casting Magnus, especially if you see him in the light of the Hellboy character.

    Here’s another stab at it….I was watching X-Men 3 and thought the fellow playing Juggernaut might do. He’s a big dude but the movie didn’t give much opportunity to assess his acting ability.

    Is Ron Perlman big enough for Magnus? Thinking of him, I just don’t get the impression of sheer size the character conjures in my head. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any adequate replacement off the top of my head.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    I’ll throw out a few.

    Magnus – Ron Pearlman maybe?
    Sara – Charlize Theron (god she is hot)
    Andy – Edward Norton
    PJ – Daniel CraigJian – could only be played by a no name actress as it is hard to find fat Asian actresses these days
    Clayton has me completely stumped.


    That’s right bitches…another casting call!
    Inquiring minds want to know …. Who is your dream cast for Ancestor? List the actors or actresses you would like to see for the Ancestor characters
    I’m sure I missed a few good characters so feel free to add to the list!

    · Dante Paglione
    · Magnus Paglione
    · Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf
    · Jian
    · Sydney Chapman
    · Paul Stillwell (Teyshawn)
    · P.J. Colding
    · Sara
    · Clayton Detweiler
    · Andy the Asshole
    · Rory
    · Violet
    · Sven Ballantine
    · Overgard

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