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Ancestor Count

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    Finally got a chance to catch up on some posts and read this little gem.

    Outstanding work, Big John! I’ll need to find a way to work this bad boy into the wiki!

    …are you injured?


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    you must have at least 4GB of RAM

    Answering a few related questions:

    The number of ancestors actually “born” : 42

    Total number of ancestors that died after being born: 28

    • The number of ancestors killed: 18
    • The number of ancestors that fell in the ice: 10

    And Clayton is the King Mofo, since he had the most kills of anyone who survived.

    I made a correction to the kill counts; I had neglected to add Sara to the roster.


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    that is great! I did something similar when watching the original “Terminator” where he goes in to the police station… when the guy says that there are ## of cops in the building. He gets almost all of them, but that’s just the ones you see get shot. Well done, sir!
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    Great research and such a concise explanation. Bravo sir… bravo.

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    if it’s you, I think I’ll pass. Nothing personal, it’s just you.



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    If you go over to S&N – someone might just give you a little of the N for such a well done job

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    Ok, I was so intrigued by this question, I went back through the book and here are my findings. I wouldn’t say these are official numbers, and I won’t admit that I pulled these from memory, but those are for two different reasons. The most important reason is that I am trying to hide the fact that I am a robot.

    References are given for the corroborating page numbers. Quotes are approximate.

    • 130 eggs survive the immune response test (p. 110)
    • 50 cows are implanted with the 130 eggs (p. 143)
    • 47 cows are pregnant – 2 failed to implant and one fetus aborted (p. 167)
    • Cow 16’s fetus goes after the camera (p. 174, 1 death)
    • “Each cow had only one fetus” (p. 175, 46 remaining)
    • In discussing autopsies, Dante asks “How many more did you murder?” The answer is “Two.” (p.182, 2 deaths, 44 remaining)
    • “…the corpse they’d taken out of Miss Milkshake’s belly.” (p. 219, 1 death, 43 remaining)
    • Patty Melt’s fetus, shot by Sara. “The thing fell limp, its dead jaws…” (p. 251, 1 death, 42 remaining)
    • “It wasn’t like forty-three cows could just appear out of thin air.” (p. 279; Sven must have miscounted. 42 remaining)
    • “The creature fell, limp and lifeless.” (p. 307, 1 death, killed by JP Harvey, 41 remaining)
    • “The head finally fell still.” (p.334, 1 death, killed by Andy the Asshole, 40 remaining)
    • “…the creature slid beneath the waves for the last time.” (p. 350, 1 death, credit to Gary Detwiler, 39 remaining)
    • “The thing fell, twitching and kicking.” (p. 353, 1 death, killed by Magnus Paglione, 38 remaining)
    • “It slid limply from the hole and fell away.” (p. 354, 1 death, killed by Magnus, 37 remaining)
    • “…beyond the dying animal he had created…” (p. 387, 1 death, killed by Claus Rhumkorrf, 36 remaining)
    • “The one closest to him fell hard.” (p. 399, 1 death, killed by Magnus, 35 remaining)
    • “…drove the Ka-Bar blade into its throat.” (p. 400, 1 death, killed by Magnus, 34 remaining)
    • knife into the eye: “…creature kept fighting even as its blood shot…” (p. 401, 1 death, killed by Magnus, 33 remaining)
    • “The first hit the lead ancestor dead center, dropping it mid stride.” (p. 404, 1 death, killed by Clayton Detwiler, 32 remaining)
    • “Clayton bagged two more, clearly killing one and blowing the left leg off the other.” “The BV206 tank tread crushed…leaving two twitching halves.” (p. 404, 2 deaths, killed by Clayton, 30 remaining)
    • “The creature’s skull disintegrated…” (p. 404, 1 death, killed by Clayton, 29 remaining)
    • “One of the bullets caught the ancestor in the eye…” (p. 406, 1 death, shot by PJ but eaten by brethren, 28 remaining)
    • “He bagged one with a lucky head shot.” (p. 406, 1 death, killed by PJ, 27 remaining)
    • Sara cripples one, but it does not die. (p. 410, 0 deaths, 27 remaining)
    • “It fell heavily to its side twitching…” (p. 410, 1, death, killed by Sara Purinam, 26 remaining)
    • A reference is made to “dozens of ancestors.” The numbers support it – at this point there are 26.
    • “Two dropped into the frigid waters.” (p. 412, 2 deaths, no kill credit, 24 remaining)
    • “It tumbled overboard, splashing into the icy water.” (p. 413, 1 death, killed by Gary Detwiler, 23 remaining)
    • “It lasted only a few seconds before it slid beneath the surface.” (p. 416, 1 death, no kill credit, 22 remaining)
    • “…the seven…all splashed into the water (p. 416, 7 deaths, no kill credit, 15 remaining)
    • Baby McButter “…opened its mouth for one last roar, then slid beneath the surface (p. 418, 1 death, kill credited to Mookie, 14 remaining)

    By my accounting, only 14 ancestors survived, plus whatever it is that came out of Jian’s grave (the descendant). This little project finally helped me piece together what the heck was happening with that squirrel. I didn’t get it the first 3 or 4 times I read it. Now I realize that squirrel was caught in Jian’s grave by the Descendant. (oooo, I haz chills!)

    So who is the baddest Ancestor-killing mofo? Well, perhaps it may come as no surprise that Magnus leads the bunch with 5 kills, but only by 1. For a civilian, Clayton Detwiler is the second mo’est fo. Here’s the breakdown:

    • Magnus: 5
    • Clayton: 4
    • Gary: 2
    • PJ: 2
    • Sara: 1
    • Mookie: 1
    • JP: 1
    • Andy: 1
    • Claus: 1

    That was fun. 🙂 I wonder how my accounting compares to Scott’s spreadsheet…


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    Heard this made it to the Q&A but the FDO declined to answer. Now I’m more curious…!

    I’m going to have to go with the second to the last chapter. It kind of states how many are left but leaves it open.
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    But I think the herd started out with 50, and only a handful were lost prior to birthing. Some have been killed, but I think the numbers are probably close. _________________________________________________________

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    I guess I didn’t phrase that well. Yes, I was trying to determine how many Ancestors were conceived in the herd and how many died (in whatever fashion). I started to wonder towards the end if the number of Ancestors was inflated for dramatic effect. Surely they couldn’t have bred that quickly off page…

    how many Ancestors were conceived, born and how many have been killed, or autopsied or cannibalized? That’s a very good question, and now I really want to know. If I have the time, I may just look into that!


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    I count nine people. That’s leaving out the Ancestors eating each other 🙂

    Has anyone determined the kill count of all Ancestors felled during the book? I seem to be feeling that there are an awful lot of the suckers compared to the original herd size. I mean, they ate each other in the womb, so we can fairly safely assume that means only one Ancestor per cow. There are several references to “over a dozen” of Ancestors moving together.

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