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An Odd Realization…and miscellany.

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    I loaded all the GFL series onto my iPad the other day and started back at the beginning with The Rookie. I’m reading through and I get to the end of Week 7 of the Tier Two season with the Kraken’s win over the Big Diggers and I’m reading through the Week 7 run down…and I notice the Death of the Week… “Percy Gaines”, tight end for the Woo Wallcrawlers. Of course, I know that *I* am the backup tight end for the Wallcrawlers, so I go to the shelf and get out my hardcover copy of The Rookie and do a little research.

    In the season starting program (the insert in the book), it lists Steve Anastasiades as the starting TE for the Wallcrawlers. So, either Percy was a mid-season pickup because Steve got taken out and the WW didn’t think I was good enough to step up…or continuity error. I’ll go with continuity error. 😉
    My main realization was: *HOLY CRAP!* In Week 7 of the season, I became the starting TE for the Wallcrawlers! It’s not the Krakens, but I’ll take it!
    Of course, that led me to 900 other thoughts: what happened to me for the rest of the season? Did I last the rest of the season…and into The Starter and The All-Pro (since the WW are still stuck in Tier Two)? Did I get KISS behind the scenes in a game in Book Two or Three? Did I get a career ending injury? Did I get traded (hopefully I was awesome and got traded up to a Tier One team)? I won’t say I *must* know because that’s total back story…but it does bring up interesting thoughts: what happens to junkies who are peripheral to the stories?
    Anyway, nevermind me–I’ve had a whole bottle of wine and I’m just rambling. Just something to think about in the greater continuity of the Siglerverse. 🙂
    NOTE: My sig was made a long time ago before I made this realization. Maybe my subconscious mind made the realization before I did…*two books ago*. 0_o

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