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An Interesting Idea

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    It does make sense that the crystals he consumes could be burned up more rapidly, but I think it could go either way.
    I was originally planning on using this concept for my own story but I am probably never going to get around to actually writing it, just like the several other ideas i’ve almost had. If Scott wants to write a story for it I’d consider it an honor.

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    Will his own crystal being damaged affect the way crystals he ingests (?) from others work or will those also be burned up more rapidly? I can see lots of potential for dramatic twists in this concept. Is this something you are thinking of developing yourself or were you suggesting it as an idea for Scott?

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    The story is set in a world where people have crystals embedded into their body (at the base of their skull maybe?) and these crystals contain the person’s Lifeforce. Once the Lifeforce runs out, that person dies. However, several years ago, people discovered that if you murder somebody, you siphon their remaining Lifeforce into yours by consuming their crystal, thereby extending your life. The reason behind this being murder is an unnatural act, and if killed in unnatural ways (i.e. any way besides natural causes) then the Lifeforce has not yet been depleted.

    Unfortunately, when you consume someone’s crystal while Lifeforce is still contained within, the spirit of the victim haunts you for the remainder of the time the victim had left at the time of death.

    The protagonist (a single parent of 3) finds out that his crystal is damaged from a bad fall. This makes him age much faster than normal. At 30, he’ll age to the equivalent of an old man in just 30 days. He’s no killer, but he can’t bear the thought of his children being orphaned; he must take the life of others in order to be a father for his offspring, but will he be driven insane from the spirits of the people he killed?

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