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  • I always use that name and it never fails to get a laugh.

    There are others but when you’re reading it you don’t get it until after you say it.

    why do I think that’s the name you give at the restaurant when you have to wait for a table?

    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616]

    I have submitted my review. Enjoy my pseudonym bitches!

    Done, and done again. Double-done, as it were.


    C’mon Junkies I know we can get more reviews than this! Let’s push to get 200 reviews by the end of the week! The Great Siglerisimo Demands it!

    All hail the FDO!

    So helpful, I pressed extra hard on the button when I said so.


    So glad I could be of help to you

    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616]

    I added an Infected review too while I was there. Oh yeah – AND pre-ordered Ancestor!!!!

    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616]

    And done! I saw also our resident distaff 1940’s-era movie star, Beth Copenhaver, has also posted a review, which I found extremely helpful, and let Amazon know as much.

    Mine own, listed as well, needs votes too. Vote on!


    Because one should always do what your F-Dadi-O tells you too, Below is my review of ‘Contagious’. Please Go and Click “Yes” on my review to give our Future Dark Overlord the Props he deserves:


    5.0 out of 5 stars Contagious is well…Contagious!, February 16, 2010 by: E. Parker
    Scott Sigler is perhaps one of the best authors to come out of the podcast novel genre and Contagious could well be his flagship novel. Contagious is a sequal to the very popular Infected which followed the extra-terrestrial infection of former college football star Scary Perry Dawsey. In Contagious We see Dawsey’s return fight against a whole new sort of infection leading to one of the most dramatic conclusions of any novel in the sci-fi/horror category.

    Sigler pulls no punches but once you start reading, you won’t want him to. At 448 pages you’ll be amazed at how fast this read will blow by and how much you will be yearning for the next part in the saga. Sigler’s Story telling is organic and realistic; he puts a great deal of thought and detail into all the science whether it is space travel or genetics. But don’t think this is a text book, Sigler explains everything for the layman while playing across the entire range of the human experience with his characters.

    This is a series in which you will become personally invested. I will even go so far as to place Sigler up there with the masters of both the sci-fi and horror genres as this, and all his novels, bring a amazing freshness to an up till now stale library of recycled ideas. I must suggest you buy this book as some day “Sigler” will be heralded with such authors as Tolkien and King.

    SO! Please go to the review site and click “yes” one the “as this review helpful” Link OR write a review of your own! It is the least you can do for our Dark Overlord who has done so much for us. So go to and here’s the link one more time:
    All Hail the FDO!

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