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    thats a relief….Although I’m sure we all understand that “eventually” when pod casts reach a critical mass SOMEONE is going to find a way to directly monetize them and our free content go bye-bye

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    At the site audio books is stated.

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    are you shure they said podio books…not audio books? Most audiobooks cost 30-50 bucks depending on format

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    …at lest at’s web site I still cannot find any claims that they started downloading audio books. I DID find their trying to be a publisher of audio books, and sponsor new writers for a larger feed. From the reading, I think they offer poor choices to start with them.

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    I just lost my lunch…

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    When Sigler becomes overlord, he will destroy any and every podcast server in the universe and erect a gigantic podcast tower on each continent in the shape of a giant purple phallus….

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    I still have not found any new information about’s claims yet.

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    at least the voices think so

    they did not invent podiobooks or podasting, they just jumped on the band wagon and the general public is too gulible not to believe them when they state that they “INVENTED” them
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    Won’t the founders of be surprised? Did VW ever win the law suit hen Chrysler said they invented the minivan?
    I think Amazon made a big mistake not making them self a podcatcher. 1 to 4 times a day I go to itunes to update podcasts but I can’t buy anything there because of the DRM (I think that might be a Latin abbreviation for useless as teats on a bull) on purchase but not on podcast so I can use podcast on any brand mp3 player I want to use.

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    This week a local radio station stated the is starting to charge $ for downloading audio version of books for consumers. It was said that THEY,Amazon, started down-loadable podio books to get new readers. They claimed to be the first to do this. Is there any Junkies out there to help me sort through the crap/facts about this.

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