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Am I the only Junkie who hit the pause button when "Rookie" came along?

  • I wasn’t sure about the concept, it sounded interesting, but odd. It has ended up being my favorite story so far from “The all mighty Sigler”. I am by no means a football expert and found the story to be very informative on top of being very entertaining. Sigler has really hit his stride and is using the medium to full effect with the sound effects and interactive content.

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    I started with nocturnal but while im waiting for epesodes I listen to all the novels on that xmas dvd. Heard all the bloodcasts (snipe one is the best) now Im on Earthcore, which is becoming more and more enjoyable.

    After I finished Infection (yes, that was my first Sigler book, after that all others seemed quite tame), I started with Rookie and stopped after 1-2 episodes.
    Not just because of football (I’m with Churchill regarding sports) but because I had a hard time understanding the modified voices.

    So I went back to the beginnings and listened to Earthcore and Ancestor. After that I gave the Rookie another chance and got hooked again after 3-4 episodes.

    Just like he said… Give him 4 episodes to hook you.

    American male here and for me to say that I absolutely abhor football would be a huge understatement so I was going to pass on The Rookie when I first came out way back, but I figured….It’s one of Scott’s stories so I might as well give it a try…..and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t understand the football talk but the story was great.

    im not but i still loved the rookie the explination podcasts really helped though cos i know nothing about football

    Can’t wait to see it as a mini-series on HBO …. (which it certainly SHOULD BE!)


    Do you think the movie Bull Durum was about baseball and not relationships. The Rookie was more space noir and leadership with football as a setting.

    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    This pod-cast helped me understand American Football to the point where I can know watch it on tv.

    Luckily it caught me on the first episode because I despise football, glad I didn’t miss it though!

    When Rookie first started, I didn’t think I would like it, being about football, and I don’t watch football, or know anytning about it, but I was HOOKED right away, I liked that you took time and explained things, I could understand and imagine everything in the story and that make all the difference. I just love ALIENS and all the strange things the different cultures and species added to football, Can’t wait for MORE of this.

    I hate football. I hate it, hate it, hate it with a passion reserved for dropped stitches and lumpy cake batter. I grew up in Texas, where high school football gets more time on the news than the national sports coverage, and I. Hate. Football. That said, I simply adore The Rookie. The storytelling is superb, the characters are amazing (I want to snuggle all the hyperactive Sklorno players), and it’s just damn good. So give it another chance!

    Whether you like football or not and for me it is not something I follow a lot [I first watched American Football here in the UK in the 80’s and supported the first team that won a game; The Green Bay Packers], but The Rookie from Sigler was great.

    There were great characters and story lines, brilliant suspense and excitement, along with copious amounts of gore. I really remember Quentin’s arm being sewn up by a hi-tech sewing machine and the aliens in the front line marking themselves with his blood and “The Machine”‘s exit from the story with his head doing an incomplete exorcist-like turning act.

    There were a multitude of excellent moments throughout this story and I want to hear the next book, The Starter.

    Ok , freaks, I finished listenin’ to the first two episodes of “Nocturnal”
    and I have to say …. DAMN… that was good. I was immersed in the story, after the first 5 min., as I was tryin’ to keep up with who was who. That’s how fast paced it was…. yessssss.
    Keep that shit up, Scott, and I’m goin’ to blow an ear drum… Thank You….


    Go on Scott kill Jeremy Richardson sssslllooowwwllyyy,
    It`s good that he admits to scaning his brain infection style,I can relate to that,but he missed the point about `The Rookie` the football is merely a vehicle.As for the short stories `The Passenger` good,`The snipe hunt`good idea..not enough teeth,but as a Brit the relaxed layed back vocal on `Iowa Typhoon`really hit the spot.
    I`ve seen Jeremy`s pic(Freddy Mercury wanne be)just kill him SCOTT!!

    I keep all of Sig’s podcasts on my iPod so that I can re-listen to them during the long commute. The Rookie, bar none, has the most replayability of all of his podcasts to date. Scott really hit his stride as a narrator/voice actor/producer in The Rookie and it is audible upon re-listening to it compared to Ancestor and especially Earthcore. I have really enjoyed each story and have listened to all of them more than once, but The Rookie will outlast them all for sheer, escapist entertainment value.

    Maybe you’re not a fan of the genre or the coming-of-age hero story but even sans an engaging storyline (which I think it has a-plenty) it would be entertaining just for the dialog and character-acting. Give it a re-listen and see what you think!

    Okay, I like football, but that isn’t what really made me like this book, although it helped. I think the character development in the rookie was great. Gore is fine, but I’m not really into slasher movies, or slasher books. I want the story that makes you think, that keeps you on edge. You really got to know Quentin, and his prejudices and fears, more so than other main characters in his other books.

    Being able to draw parallels between real life and the book was just icing on the cake. Those purist nation zealots piss me off. I want to kick their hating ass!

    OH man, how can I say this without dissin’ the shit out Scott, …wait … thinkin’ , thinkin’, …..hold on , people.. still thinkin’, …. oh yeah.
    In thought for some time about how to get over “The Rookie”, but I was seriously shocked by the fact that I did not like it … I am one that I like to pick up a book and if , within the third page, I’m still re-reading the paragraphs over and over again…. it’s not for me I put it down and find something else … usually it does not happen with the same author , once I read one book of theirs and I finish it with a smile, I purchase their others … Scott, I’m sorry , “the Rookie ” is one that I can not bring myself to purchase, Although it will totally fuck my Scott Sigler collection, it is something I must live with , but on a good note , I am really looking forward to hearing “Nocturnal ” and I hope you really fuckin’ turn it up a notch… It’s the only thing that keeps me sane at work….
    thanks to you all for takin’ the time to read my rant…
    no hard feelings , right, Scott????

    Eddie Sebastian

    I don’t know squat about American football (not the real, “soccer” kind), but the Rookie made me go out and rent Madden NFL. It’s not my kind of game, but the Rookie is my kind of book: a great one.

    And now I’m off to write a Quidditch scene that tries not to be boring. I don’t know how that would work, though.

    never really got into football, but a good story is a good story no matter the setting. so get fucking over yourself and hear the story…………………
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    I’m an American, but I’ve never been a football fan. Never really understood the whole obsession.

    “The Rookie”– particularly Scott’s performance of the in-game parts– helped me understand the technical aspects a bit more. More importantly, it made me understand the drama of the game that lets people dedicate their lives to it.

    So perhaps it can help lead science fiction fans to appreciate football. Perhaps it can get football fans to appreciate science fiction. One thing is for sure: I’ve never read anything like it.

    Well it took about 5 episodes to hook me.

    Although it wasn’t a usually ‘lots and lots of gore’ novel which we all know and love, it was still really good. The fights, on field games and individual character story lines made it for me.

    I also particularly enjoyed the space station stuff at the beginning and wished that was dragged out longer.

    The only bit I had trouble with was the American football, it really lost me. However I was thankful for all the background info and terminology episodes Scott added as they really helped. I think without that extra content, I would have been too confused and skipped the whole novel.

    I’m pleased I didn’t!

    Now I am just looking forward to The Starter!

    I never thought the Rookie would be good (Especially after Earth core, Ancestor, and Infection), but I was hooked. Well that’s what I get for being a junkie

    After having built up this Stephen Kingian image of Scott with his writing about bloody-thirsty aliens and their loving robot companions, I just knew that The Rookie was going to be the equivalent of “‘Cycle of the Warewolf” but instead turned out to be a curiously entertaining “The Long Walk”

    I so tried not to like the story and wanted to listen only to be able to point and laugh at the Misery that was The Rookie…. but alas, I was hooked by the time they got to The Combine…. At first I blamed my liking of this story on the basis that I was jonesin’ for some football, but I slowly realized that Sig can write a story about a possessed lamp (I love lamp) and I’d listen to it, then I’d pimp it to my friends, then I’d buy it.

    Damn you Mr. Sigler. Damn you. If Halloween comes and I don’t get my Nocturnal fix someone is going to find themselves hobbled a la Kathy “Number One Fan” Bates style.

    So, to address the OP….. yeah, you’re the only one.


    I was also initially feeling disappointed when Scott announced an American Football based story. (I most enjoyed the fairly scientific / plausible realistic aspects of his first three novels. Ancestor being my favourite because of that.)

    Anyway, I must say that the Rookie was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed the story.

    Not that it matters what I think, but I hope Scott continues to do more of the non-space, future sci-fi / horror. Therefore, really looking forward to Nocturnal.

    Heard Scott interviewed on another podcast ages ago (? Skepticality ?), and was interesting to see how science news and developments stimulate that warped brain of his. Keep it up!

    I am from the uk and the rookie started my addiction to sigler and i was hooked from the start i think it helped that it was about american football as it is something i know about i cant wait for nocturnal but i am even more excited about the starter i cant wait to see what happens to the krakens next.

    Well, being a black woman who really loves my football and a lifelong scifi geek, I already feel like something of an anomaly. But I absolutely loved The Rookie! For me, “The Rookie” was a dream come true – a sweet combination of footbal and scifi with the signature Sigler doses of violence!!! After hearing about Scott’s passion for football, I really looked forward to it and was not disappointed. The perspective of the quarterback and all that happens in the course of just one play simply rocked!

    It also gave me a great opportunity to introduce Scott’s writing to the band buddies that gather every Sunday to party & watch football. Most of them were already scifi/horror fans to varying degrees but with the arrival of football season this year, I’ve been able to turn some more folks onto it. I got my hubby and his fishing partner hooked when I made them listen on our way to go ice fishing last winter. Since the Broncos are stinking it up so far this season I’ll be downloading the episodes to my hubby’s MP3 player so he can catch it all from the beginning while he works.

    I’ve been loving the short stories on teh Bloodcast and can’t wait to get my hands on “Rookie” in print and get into hearing “The Starter” after Nocturnal…


    I HATE FOOTBALL. Really, I hate that stupid sport with a passion. I’m sorry, but I just do.
    That being said, the Rookie was quite good. The fact that I even LISTENED to it (because normally when I see something even remotely football-related, I pass it by) says a lot for how good it was. Although, I found myself wishing it had been just a sci-fi story rather than a sci-fi football story, because the sci-fi bits were fantastic.

    I was first introduced to “The Man” Sigler while the Rookie was being put out! I loved it…not only because I love Football…yes you across the pond, crepe eating, bad smelling Euro trash…I called the sport Football! Not American Football, just FOOTBALL! You all play and watch soccer..when you going to learn that!

    I also loved it because it was a great fucking story! Who cares what the story’s about, hell it could be about Olympic “curling” if the Sig man writes it its going to be Fucking great.

    Never doubt the sick twisted mind of the Sig! If the next book after Nocturnal is a story about evil knitting grandmas…listen to it…don’t question it…just listen!

    When Scott rules the world there will be a quiz people…if you don’t pass you get…discarded! So whatever he writes you’d best know and love!

    Whining bitches!

    I don’t try anything…I just do it…Wanna try me!?!

    I’ve always hated all types of football, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I watch the SuperBowl for the commercials, and thats about it. I played for 3 games in highschool and left after being reprimanded for breaking somones rib. They put me at linebacker ( a position they had to tell when to stand) and told me to nail anyone that came through with the ball. I did, he was a quarterback, I got yelled at. F that.
    The Rookie is more than a football story though. Thats why I like it so much. Aliens, gambling, Mob ties, all that fun stuff you dont get to see on those weak games on sundays.

    I love American football. I have been a fan from when I was a small child.

    I was concerned myself that you couldn’t write a good book about it, but I love this book and the American culture references.

    I’ve seen a kid taken off the field in a stretcher DEAD from football so please don’t tell me it’s a wimp sport. The fact that you wear pads gives you a sense of invulnerability and makes it more likely that you will do something more extreme (Read: stupid) with your body.

    And did anyone else notice that the season after Scott abandoned the Lions, they are 3-2 and they beat the Bears! Maybe all the Lions needed was for Scott to get off the bandwagon to start winning. Oooo… maybe he’s the one that cursed them by being a fan.

    See, now there’s a story I can get behind. I can just imagine a smackdown between the Siggie-alien-verse and the Whomping Willow… The tree is going down.

    Voldemort… More like “Magnus-nose-snort”.

    I sense some dark fanfic here… who’s up to the task?


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    I like to think of American Football as “Sissy Rugby”. American Football is slower, played with pads, and the game gets stopped if somebody gets hurt… pheh.


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    I’m from Canada and I dont get the whole obsession with football. I don’t even watch However I found that Sigler made the whole football thing work. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the rookie. I found the football was more secondary in the story and the emphasis was put more on what personal and moral struggles that Quinton Barnes was going through.

    And I love the rookie it was awsome the best stuff was the mob stuff. this story got me into Am football which is saying something .before i listened to the rookie i couldn’t follow the game at all now i love the violence of it all.

    p.s. (Scott you better make Nocturnal Fuckin Great or i will crucify u with steak knifes)

    P.P.S. rugby is the tougher game just look at the blokes who play it.

    Am foorballers are fat

    I’ll chime in on this. I am an American, but I hate American Football. It is so friggn boring…. or at least that is what I used to think. Simply, I enjoyed the Rookie eventhough it was about Football. In fact, the Rookie was so fantastic that I started watching a bit of the AFL. Sometimes I could almost see the Sklorno running across the field.



    You have just painted an image of Baby Mcbutters eating the still warm flesh or Ron Weisley, his wand broken and his red hair even redder with all the extra blood in it.

    We might just be the sickest people on the internet, at least does not doing anything illigal.

    At first I didn’t like rookie either but a couple of months latter I fell in love with it.

    You could get lynched for those sentiments in some backwoods areas of southern America!!! Mutards, military, football… Tssk, tssk…

    However, I agree, I hate football. BUT, the Rookie worked. Why? Because Sigler is a mad prophet with skillz to predict the future.

    The Rookie was not a SciFi novel, but a documentary, of epic proportions.

    Also, I want to see some Harry Potter VS. Sklorno hot action!!!!!!!!!! Get on it Siggy.

    I just had this bizarre image of some Sigler-authored Harry Potter fanfic. The trauma you’d inflict upon legions of Potterheads would be legendary.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    I am from the Us but my lack of sight has not made it verry easy to follow football (it does not help when the anouncers go on long tangents instead of talking about the game) But I got the first 4 and was hooked. The segmints about how the game is played and what everyone does helped me understand it a lot better then I could ever have done by trying to follow it on tv and piece it all into a form I could comprehend.

    MMachi, how DARE you ever doubt my mad skillz. If write a story about, oh, I don’t know, some stupid sport where wizard children fly around on mops, or whatever, you can BET that shit will be entertaining!

    Though I am a Canadain and therefore expected to like Hockey and CFL football I am fan of niether, due largely to my family having imigrated to the americas in the late 1960’s or early 70’s so I failed to take on an north american sports obsessions. That said I did listen to the Rookie. I did enjoy it even though I did get lost in some of the game sequences. Thankfully Sigler was able to tell a story that was rich enough in a world rich enough that getting lost in some action seguences is forgiveble.

    Now I do find myself paying a little more attention to the game, but I only have the patience for the high lights reels. Naturaly I think, Its beter with aliens, and I am disapoined with the lack of Deaths on the stats boards.

    I am a US-based listener, but do not really feel any real excitement about football. That being said, I actually LOVED the Rookie and got some people hooked. Don’t get me wrong, Scott’s other books were amazing too, but I was very impressed with the excitement and energy of the Rookie.

    Hey Im from the UK. The only thing I know about American Football is theres someone called the Fridge and they dress with more pads than a KFC Bargain (Butt Nugget) Bucket.

    I practically skipped all of Scotts explanations of how it all plays as it just went over my head.

    I still REALLY REALLY enjoyed The Rookie. Didnt think I was going to, but Im glad that I took the plunge and trusted in Mr Wiggler 🙂

    I was really not into football myself, so I resisted listening to The Rookie for quite some time despite the rave reviews I heard. When I finally did listen, I was pleasantly surprised to find that football was the setting rather than the story, and that the story rolled right along on its own merits. Try listening to the first four episodes and see if it works for you. I was hooked much earlier.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    i’m an american male therefore am obligated to like football….and i do. i posted like this exact thread a couple days ago but. yeah i really wasnt sure about the whole sci fi football thing didnt think it could really work…boy was i wrong 4 episodes in i was hooked. i dont know how scott does it but he was just such a departure from what i was used too but after i finished infection i wass jonsen for a fix so bad i had to at least give it a shot due to the fact that scott had never steered me wrong before. and of course as always im left wanting more of somthing i didnt even know i wanted!

    ~Do You Know How Many Birthdays There Are In a Year?…….Hundreads….Litearly..Hundreads,~

    I really despise American Football, but this story used the season only as an outline for the story delivery. Most of the work revolved around Quinton’s conflicts as he evolved from a mutard to somebody using more than 6 brain cells.

    I must have some kind of reptilian brain joy in the game, though, because I did find myself screaming encouragement at the radio during the final “game”… messed up…


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    I really dug “Earthcore”, I moo-ed all the way through “Ancestor” and I spent a long time talking to my friendly lumps during “Infestation” – but when “Rookie” came along I just had to hit the pause button.

    American Football is majorly boring for those of us outside of the USA. I understand that, outside of signing up for the army, this sport creates an opportunity for sub-normal American mutards to make a few bucks for four or five years before retreating to the trailer park or joining a traveling freak show.

    Now, thank fuck, it’s all over (that and all those rejected short stories). So – I’m waiting with eager ears for “Nocturnal” – it had better be good!

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