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All pro (non spoiler) E book mistakes

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    ….in a few days. You know what the first ebook I will be reading will be.

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    ..thats classic. Wrong sport though. Still, I bet that tough old buzzard could play a down or two.

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    a Ki sure as hell ain’t doing it!!! Tongue out Combat Cook

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    is audio books, its over 20 gigs…..

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    I use my iPhone for the majority of my ebooks. If you have the setting right you can do it quite easily. I was a little scepticle about it but didn’t have any problems. The only gripe I have about some ebooks is if there are special stories or pictures associated with the book some don’t get put in which sucks because the. You lose out on the full experience. But for work I have alot of the tech manuals and some of the law books I use right at my finger tips.

    I saw a couple mistakes in the ebook while reading but they have been covered already. Don’t plan on reading it again for a while as I am in the process of reading another book. If I find some I’ll let ya know.

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    @ 12%: “That put the Death in the Solar Division, the same as Ionath – The two teams would face off in week six”.

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    Yes i read the whole book in 3 days on my iphone, i do own a Kobo put for pure convience at work the iphone is the one for me.


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    80% of my 30g iphone space is audio books … talk about convenient … I just didn’t like reading on such a small screen. You must have better than 20/20 :o)

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    I actually do 99.9% of my reading on my touch now. Very convenient to carry so many books around all the time.

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    I hope you hooked that thing up to the big screen LOL … I have the Kindle APP and I think it displays about half a paragraph per screen maybe? Brave soul … did you really read the entire book on your phone?

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    There were a couple here and there. At one point instead of Frank Zimmer as the To Pirates quarterback it called him Don Zimmer.

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    Hello all,

    Just finished reading the All pro and really enjoyed it GOOOOOOOO Krackens,

    I found some spelling mistakes and errors only 2 or 3 anybody find any just thought scott would like to know as he has such high standards also did they cross over into the hard copy

    on my iphone page 566, 958 and page 1593


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