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All-Pro hardcover search

  • I agree that $1000 is ludicrous, but $20 is less than what they were originally sold for. Now that they are out of print, what would y’all consider a fair asking price? How would condition (mint down to well read), possible personalization (present or not), and number (extremely low to very high) affect the value of any given copy? I know these are all things prospective sellers are going to be interested in.

    Glad to see you saw my post, wasn’t sure.

    I have the paperback as well but there is nothing quite like the GFL hardcovers with the 16 page inserts. Finally having The All Pro will complete my set, just in time for The Champion which will be rolling out soon.

    Take Care.

    Thanks ratman for the heads up. There are some there under $20 even. That’s a good deal. Hopefully yours is in good condition. I went ahead an bought the paperback version (new) and it just arrived last week. But I’ll probably get one of these hard cover versions anyway to round out my bookshelf.

    Keep it real.

    Very happy to say there are some affordable hardcovers on amazon right now. I just purchased one.

    I’ve searched for over a year and finally there are some reasonably priced copies, instead of those selfish people asking for $1000.

    Hopefully mine will be in good condition when I receive it so I can add it to the other GFL books on my bookshelf.

    I’ve looked for The All-Pro in hardcover as well, it simply cannot be found for a reasonable price.

    I can’t find the hardcover, or even the paperback version, anywhere. Thinking maybe we have to wait for some other junkies to sell their copies, as blasphemous as that sounds! Good luck in your search.

    Junkies, I was one of the idiots that waited too long to purchase the All-Pro hardcover. I have The Rookie, The Starter, The MVP, and pre-ordered The Champion. But, there’s a gap in my bookshelf where that damn book should be. Any ideas on getting my hands on a copy? I went ahead an ordered the paperback version, but really need to pander to my OCD and get the hardcover. Thanks for the help!!

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