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Aliens: Colonial Marines

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    Good news!! Sort of anyway. Haha. They pushed back the release date to 2013. Cause you of course will have loads of time on your hands next year….or sometime in the next 10 years I guess. We are Junkies afterall. And we need our fix!

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    I really hope that its not a massive let down, I played the latest AVP on the PC and I wasn’t that impressed to be honest.

    The encounters were a bit too predictable and it didn’t have any kind of “oops, I just shit myself” factor.
    One game I’m looking forward too this year (Apart from Diablo 3) is the new counter strike: global offensive, multi format gaming at its best.
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    Dude, I just got the special edition 3 disc set for the new the new game Rage. It is fuckin awesome, and it only cost me 30 bucks to get it for xbox 360. I don’t know why it’s so cheap, it just came out but I love it anyway. So there’s not much of a chance I’ll be playing aliens, I’ll be to buisy playing Rage.

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    Just read that there is a special edition of this coming out. Yep, I’m geeking out and will snag it!

    And I agree with palumuk-mo-ki. There needs to be a Junkie clan for gaming that the FDO can participate in on occasion, when his hellishly busy life allows.

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    When are FDO has time i would love to Play some games with him hope we get a chance

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    That sucks cause even evil people like the FDO need to be able to relax and kill some xenomorphs. But I also eagerly await all new material. So catch .22 on that.

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    What? No time for aliens??!??! That’s blasphemy! By the way, that mobilecartoon guy is spamming the crap out of the website. It’s time to nukem.

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    No way, José. No time for that in 2012. Dammit.

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    i might i hope to get it

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    I fukin love aliens. The second one is my favorite. I have the aliens vs predator game on xbox, I always play as the colonial marines. I want to get the new colonial marines game so bad but I don’t have the money for it at the ment. One game I’m looking forward to is brothers in arms furious four. That games looks fun as he’ll. Its like brothers in arms mixed with inglorious basturds.

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    I beleive his FDO-ness has references Aliens as one of his favorite movies and I am a die hard fan of it as well. With the 1,000,000 word goal, I don’t imagine the FDO will be getting much gaming in, but are any Junkies gonna be snagging this game? It has 4-player co-op goodness and I may need some Junkie backup on Xbox!

    My gamertag is HergertheJoyous.

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