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Alan Dean Foster Strikes Again

  • nice shoe to sigler’s nuts.  

    Cardinal to Pope Siglericus l

    Way back when … before the internet and cel phones and VCRs and maybe even electric lights in private homes … the first Star Wars companion novel, "Splinter In the Mind’s Eye" penned by ole Alan Dean Foster came out.
    ADF made me nearly insane with one humungous oxymoron in the book.  Early in the book, while crash landed on some unfamiliar planet, Luke sees something slither past him and he has no idea what it is.  He muses internally that "On Tatooine if it couldn’t eat you, you didn’t bother to learn about it."  Later in the book, he recognizes some wacky life form because, "On Tatooine, he had nothing but time to study xenobiology."
    Scott has done this with episode 20.  Our friendly neighborhood taxidermist is busy stuffing an ancestor yet for some reason, immediately dismisses mandible faced cyclops dogboy as an obvious fake.
    As soon as you open up a universe to someone disecting and rebuilding an ancestor, they’d better reserve judgement on a mandible-faced-cyclops-dogboy.
    Just my opinion.  Even if Alan Dean Foster doesn’t agree.

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