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    -not going there, no way, no sir, huge no no. quick way to get yourself arrested, in the evening news and a sexual preditor tag. nope, not me, not today, not tomorrow, not ever…………

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    Nate Dogg… "life is hard. But its one helluva lot harder if you’re stupid"- -John Wayne

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    got my stickers and my temp tats and cards today! watch out mall! watch out bookstores!ΔΔΔ

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    I’ve managed to spam my friend’s laptop with pictures of the INFECTED eye and the hatchling sculpture. Next I plan to plaster the girl’s locker room at school with poster promos and possibly a few in the lunchroom and on the small bulletin board we have. And I’ve also posted the promo-info-youtube-video that Scott made on my livejournal.

    Can’t freakin’ wait to order the stickers, so much damn fun I’d have with those. 

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    i’m gonna casually place stickers on the waldenbooks front window in the mall while noone’s lookin. i shall be very subversive in this case. people will also find triangle iris’s on their auto bumpers and city transit vehicles, fliers in dr’s waiting rooms.posters will be seen as they enter and exit wal mart and other places the insignifant drone humans frequent on a daily basis, a small contribution to the dahk avahlodes eventual world domination plan, heh heh heh snicker snicker. dangit, what happened to my chicken scissors,,,

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    Hey, all you have to do is go to the "downloads" section of Dig in. Downloadable flyers, burn-it-yourself CDs, postcards to email, we’ve got lots of stuff for you to destroy your town.

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    Have you guys seen/put up/sent any posters/postcards/stickers for Infected? I haven’t seen any! I’m waiting for my promotional materials to come in the mail, then I will cover the town in blue pupils!!!!

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