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Advanced Reader Copy of Pandemic

  • I wish my e-mail would send me notifications when people respond to my forums. I must not have clicked the box at the end to notify me of follow-up replies. I had no idea people responded to this, until now that is.

    Just so people know – I did not read my ARC. I also became aware of the illegality of selling the ARC prior to it’s release and I frequently sent e-mails to Scott, informing him when I found another ARC on eBay.

    I purchased the hardcover and the ebook of Pandemic, meet Scott Sigler (and also you Scott Pond) in Cambridge, MA during the tour. Also had a few beers with some junkies at John Harvard’s Pub after.

    Not only would I ask you to wait, I want to know who sold you the book. I am going after them. It clearly stats on the cover “not for resale,” so I want to know who the motherfucker is who is taking my readers’ money. Email me and give me the return address of the person who sold this to you.

    For everyone else, I have put up an eBay watch on “PANDEMIC SIGLER” so I can go after these greedy, cheating assholes. If you see an ARC for sale somewhere else, let me know.

    The ARCs are given away free so people can read and review. They are not there to line the pockets of these fuck-tards.

    DELETED FOR SPOILERS. Moved to the PANDEMIC thread (which I created just for you, Twainy).

    Well, I would advise you to wait. Someone shouldn’t have put that up for sale in the first place, but consider this: If you read it now, how can you possible share the experience with others? No one else will have read it yet, so you wouldn’t be able to talk about it with anyone and share your enjoyment. Tough position to be in, but I think you have to shelve it and allow yourself to build up the anticipation like you normally do. Plus, it will be the final version when you finally get it.

    I just purchased an ARC of Pandemic off eBay not knowing exactly what it was. To my surprise, when I received it, it seems to be the full book, unedited.

    Here is my dilemma – I have waited 4 years for this book to come out. It has been in my mind for the last few months that January 2014 was when the book was going to be available to me. I would get excited a week leading up to the day it became available and then I would head over to Barnes and Noble to get my coffee and read the first 50 pages. This is my routine. I did it with the GFL books and I want to do the same for this release.

    Now I have come across a copy of Pandemic, earlier than I expected and I do not know what to do. Do I read it? After 4 years of wait, do I just read it? Do I save it as a collectors item and then wait until January to officially read it as an eBook?


    Thank you

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