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Adding pictures?

  • Anyone help?

    Standing out here all alone with no friends n’ no one seems to like me 🙁

    HTML causes my testicles to shrivel up! Why can’t I just use the old "[img]" tags?

    I’ve done a forum sig which I thought I’d post up if anyone wanted to use it to promote the "good cause" on other forums but cant figure out how to post it up here. Also tried to post it into the fan art section but cant see a "submit art" thingy.

    Heres the link to my sig sig:

    If anyone can figure it out please let me know. Also seems you cant get an image to show in Gmail which is a right PITA and a serious setback in me playing my part in the FDO’s takeover.

    Cheers guys.

    (right…now back to making more of Scott’s audio DVD’s for Christmas prezzies)

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