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    My bloated ego just loves crap like this. I want you all to suffer every day, except for the 30 minutes on Sunday/Monday when you listen, then suffer some more!!

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    GirlCo: Quieter than ninja, faster than Sklorno, stronger than Ki, and more devious than the Quyth

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    Pusher & [flickr-photo:id=3938763689,size=m]

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    Steven lay still in bed, trying to fight the craving that gripped his ravaged mind, “NOT NOW” he muttered to himself under his breath, “It’s too fucking late! I NEED to go to sleep!” the struggle seemed futile, but he continued to fight, trying to hold his body ridged under the covers, trying to make his arms and legs obey. “I have to be to work in 3 hours!” he thought, “but I can’t sleep with out another fix!” Hating himself, Steven slowly got out of bed.

    He felt a primal urge pulsating through his veins, a primal urge which he knew had to be satisfied, he had to hear the sounds of putrid gore and vulgarity accompanied by a overflowing side dish of violence. He was a captive to his dark passenger, as he had heard it called before, and there was no fucking escaping it.

    Steven sat down at his desk and gripped his computer mouse, knowing, even as he did it, that he was a sick-fuck for clicking on the link, but that didn’t matter anymore, nothing mattered, work didn’t even matter anymore, all that mattered to Steven, was hearing Scott Siglers next episode of Blood Cast. He pressed the play button, and let reality slowly fade away.

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