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absafrikly stupendous

  • absafrikly stupendous!!!!!!!!!!
    OK, preordered the book. I can’t say enough about Scott!!!!and his writing but, absafrikly stupendous!!!!! Well worth the wait for the book. I’m glad I preOrdered the book soas not to have to wory about the “SOLD OUT” issue.
    I’m not going to spoil it for anyone. I started to read the book on 01/21/2014. It is 01/24/2014. I am done. I could not put the book down. My wife thinks I am,…..Something, I don’t know! but not good! I was fixated on the book and would have divorsed my wife if she had interuped any more than she did, ( weird I know But true story) if she bothered any more than she did( the bitch) so help me, DONE………..

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