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A small detail about episode 8 of Kissyman & the Gentleman

  • but at least you know we’re paying attention 🙂

    @michaelkidd: No joke, just a mistake by some dumb-ass writer …

    Yea I’m a late bloomer, I only listend to this one last night, and was like WTF where did the second hand come from

    I thought I mustnt have got the joke or somthing

    Just finished that episode and was going to make that very comment.

    I only listened to that 2 days ago! I was too busy laughing at leftie eating the twinkie!

    Rachel Guestford_junkie

    Despite the fact that some think the Irish won’t ammount to anything because they spend all thier money on food and booze, sometimes we can regenerate body parts. Most commonly the liver but sometimes arms. The better to reach for a bowl of lucky charms soaked in beer.

    Yeah, when Kissyman said, “Lefty, did you…” I thought he was going to finish that question with, “grow a new arm?” instead of ” get me 3 packages of twinkies and eat one?”

    We almost always catch these little inconsistencies whereas The Shiv sometimes misses them. Can’t blame him, we’ve got a hell of a lot more manpower Laughing

    Did you already email Scott and let him know? This is one of those things that you definitely need to give him a heads up about so he can change it for when (if?) the print edition comes out.



    A life vacant of laughter is not worth exerting the effort it takes to live it.

    I noticed it as well. Guess the FDO had one to many Foster’s!

    He is missing it, and yes, he handed him the stuff with both hands. You beat the post i was gonna make about 3 hours in advance.

    “God does not play dice with the Universe.” -Albert Einstein

    Not that I want to be overly picky, but in the last episode did Lefty hand Kissyman twinkies with one hand and dog biscuits with the other? Isn’t he missing his right hand?

    Just curious 😉

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