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A returning junkie is back on the crack after years out!

  • I found the faith in Sigler several months ago when I discovered his podcast for Infected.  I was absolutly hooked from there!  ALL HAIL FDO!

    No one can resist Sigler’s crack forever!  Once a Junkie, always a Junkie!


    Well it’s official the FDO’s work is more addictive than any of the current crop of recreational drugs, I’ve been going cold-turkey from the works of Sigler since way back in Nov 2005 when I purchased the Earthcore paperback! but now i’ve been sucked in again!.

    Life interfered after I bought Earthcore and I thought I had made a clean break, clean living and everything until just a few weeks ago I see the Infected & Contagious mass market on for next to nothing, needless to say I ordered them and by the time I had read the blurb on the back I was hooked again!.

    Since then i’ve been trying to work out just what editions are in-print and where I can get them from, please let me know if I have it right or am missing anything.

    Earthcore – I have the pb (see link below). Is there an English hardcover?, I’ve seen the Deutsche one at Amazon UK.

    Ancestor – Hardcover next year!

    Infected – In Amazon basket now, needs to get signed!

    Contagious – Ditto

    The Starter – Being written now.

    The Rookie Lim Ed – Ordered yesterday 🙂 thank god I checked back in before it sold out!

    Also is the ultimate goal to get Nocturnal and The Crypt into print?, because I have so many (like 500 unread or something daft like that) books kicking around the place that I never get chance to listen to any audio titles, too busy reading all the print novels I have!.

    In related news I’ve also managed to create another UK Junkie, I told my mate Tall Paul/Big Fella a bit about EC & Infected and that was it!. Now he’s getting Infected & Contagious and has asked me to order a copy of The Rookie for him!, me ordering it so he wifey doesn’t find out about it!!!. Maybe I should get him to sign up here?.

    So anyway thats all I have to say, thanks for the stories Sigler and I hope to stick around on these boards a bit if I can cope with so many junkies all in one place!.

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