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A question to all the Junkies…

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    I havent read them, but I unfortunately know plenty of "Twilight Twits" and I can say that those books have done more to screw up the younger crowd (god I feel old saying that) than any other teen fiction.  Vampires are supposed to be E-V-I-L!  The one and only concession I give for a "good" vampire is in the later parts of Brian Lumley’s Necroscope Series.  and as I said they dont sparkle in the sun they BURST INTO GORRAM FLAME!!!  The only thing I would be willing to bet twilight fanatics going is on to supernatural por…. i mean romance. 😛

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    I believe that Twilight and all that followed are horribly insulting to the developed persona

    of vampires.  

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    aren’t supposed to sparkle. I believe Twilight severely damaged, if not killed, the original image of Vampires. >.<

    I specialize in accurate interpretation of your pathetically unclear and dismally vague descritpion of what you think you want.

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    I haven’t read any of the books or seen the movie. At one point I was interested in doing so, but once I read the synopsis and saw how cheesey it sounded (I have an aversion to cheesey romance novels unless it involves the characters doing the Deed)and discovered that apparently these vampires ‘sparkle’ instead of bursting into flames when hit with sunlight, I was thrown off from it. Maybe one day I will get around to reading them, but right now I still have to get my mind around the fact that they sparkle, cause I’m oldschool vampire.

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    Glad you actually read one of them! 

    The 2nd book is the hardest to get through.  If you can get through that one, they actually get much better. 

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    but I tried to read the others and couldn’t get through the first 100 pages of the second one, so I just gave up on the series. I heard the movie was OK. I have to agree with Finaldrive, though.


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    And I agree with what Finaldrive said. Anything that gets kids that age back into books is great. Until now they haven’t really had a whole lot of choices in this genre aside from the Harry Potter books. When I was growing up I read Christopher Pike and RL Stine which got me into the horror/sci-fi genre when I was in middle school (and I’m talking about RL Stine pre Goosebumps, that was after my generation). I personally am a fan of the Vampire/Witches/Shapeshifter genre of books, so I can appreciate this book for what it is. The important thing to keep in mind is that while me may find it corny, the books are geared toward the "young adults", not really people like us who expect a different level of writing style and story plots. Had it been more complicated and gory I doubt it would have done as wel with that age group.

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    And I don’t really want to. One of my friends got into them and was telling my and another friend about a certain scene that just ruined it all for me. It was just… No. It shouldn’t work like that. (I don’t want to give away the scene, just in case.) That and the fact they glitter… And I know I shouldn’t really judge from the movie, but if the relationships in the book are anything like they were in the movie – ew! So grossly unreal and annoying.

    BUT. If anyone does like the books, that is their right. Just because I’m not interested doesn’t mean there (obviously) aren’t people who are. My mom and sister happen to be two of those people, so. 😛

    Hope that made sense.

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    For all the poop jokes and boob comments I make on this site, I felt like I had to be intelligent at least once. 

    Anyway, hope this helped you answer whatever you were looking to answer. 

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     This is what I was looking for: someone who actually can write intelligently about a topic and give a well thought out opinion on it.There are so few people like this left on the internet.


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    Let me tell you the pros:

    • Introduced a generation of young readers to Scifi/Fantasy that they may not have had any experience with
    • Got kids actually reading. Period.
    • Introduced some unique concepts about vampires.  Keeping some of the "myths" while reworking them to make them accessible for the story.
    • Made all the other "vampire love story books" fly off the shelves.
    • Its a cultural Phenomenon, like Harry Potter.  Did JK Rowling destroy witches with that book?

    Now lets start the cons 

    • Poor writing.  Its like reading a poetry major who dropped out after his 3rd semester.  Some of it is just CHEESY
    • Added some GOOFY elements to the story (sparkles) that are ONLY there so they can fit her "vampires can be out in the daylight" story.
    • Not geared towards those already in the Scifi/Fantasy community.  Most of us don’t really want 400 pages of a teen aged girl crying.  We need a little violence.  Sorry. Its true.

    Overall, a book is a book.  Those that read it and get something from it are better for it.  Those that read it and HATED every aspect of it have that right.  Its like the new Trek movie, purists find it vile.

    I’m a believe that the books are worth a read as a cultural unifier.  You can’t hate or love something you’ve never experienced.

    That being said.  I think the vampires were a bit silly.  Though the idea of our human traits transfering over is VERY interesting. And personally I think the History and Backstory about the Wolves has so much potential.  They seem to be more interesting to me than the vampires. 

    Thats my piece.  I’m sure someone will rip me to shreads but you know what?  Boobs (8).

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    so I can’t say.  Waiting for the kindle prices to come down!

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    I am very interested to know what people think of the Twilight books and the ideas that the embody. Do you think that these books have forever ruined and defiled the image of vampires, or do you actually LIKE these things?


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