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A pic for Nocturnal

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    [brood en brood met brood ertussen] – My Mothers famous answer to whats for dinner!

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    sir your bleeding i don’t have time to bleed do you have time to duck?

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     very creepy


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     the kind you plaster all over the freakin place one after the other after the other after the other……….

    this guy is from england.he’s a spy.yea but for which side!!!

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    Have any of you seen Donald Grant’s artwork for “Song of Susannah” (book 6 of Steven King’s Dark Tower series)? I don’t love all of it, but wow! I think he could work up some pretty good art for Nocturnal too. I’d love to see some quality artwork of some of the actual Nocturnals. Check it out! I’m curious what the rest of you think.

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    Good choice of colors.

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

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    Very nice… and creepy. Weird eyes staring at you seem to be the universal #1 Creepiness factor.
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    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

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    I created a pic for nocturnal. Here is the link to it.

    Hope it’s ok for the FDO. The eyes are  an extreme close up of my daughter and doctored up with

    Kinda creepy knowing it’s my 4 year old daughter and finding out what the children do during the groom walk! 

    A note from the FDO™: I added the picture to your post, then linked the picture to your larger version. Anyone wants to see this bigger, just click on the pic.

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